[Article] 170428 [Official Statement] Music Bank will go to Singapore on August 4th... BTS, Shinee, Red Velvet will attend the show

Music Bank World Tour will meet their Asian KPOP fans again after 2 years.

KBS 2TV "Music Bank" began their world tour in 2011 in Japan, France, Hong Kong, Chile, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam and met their 180,000 KPOP fans in 9 cities in 4 continents. Music Bank World Tour is a music festival by the best artists who represent Korea. It's a cultural concert that is broadcasted worldwide on KBS World. This heat will resurrect in 2 years again in Singapore.

Concept Idol Shinee, flowerboy band CNBLUE, global trend group BTS, girl crush Mamamoo, and refreshing charming idol group Red Velvet will attend to glorify the Music Bank Singapore stage on August 4th. Also, the beautiful couple Park Bogum and Irene will reunite again for Music Bank Singapore as the special MCs and stand in front of the Singapore audience.

"Music Bank" World Tour will be held on August 4th at Singapore Suntec Convention Centre and it will be broadcasted by the end of August on KBS 2TV.

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