[Article] 170428 Suran, "BTS Suga helped me with his soul... Thank you"

This is literally the "Revolt of Suran". An unexpected singer surpassed the singers who are strong on digital charts and ranked No. 1. This is the first produced work of BTS Suga, featured by the trending rapper Changmo. It's Suran's new song "WINE" that's gathering attention and by 28th, the second day of the release, the song is sweeping the music charts.

Related to the song, Suran expressed, "Many people helped me with the song so I was constantly worried thinking I wouldn't achieve good results. I'm thankful to many people." The following is a series of questions and answers with Suran.

◆ Did you expect to chart #1?
- Suga produced and Changmo featured in the song and helped me but this song was released under my name so I really did not expect. There are many people who helped me so I was constantly worried thinking I wouldn't achieve good results. #1... I'm grateful to many people.

◆ The extravagant lineup featuring Suga, Changmo, and others became a topic
- Last year, I got the chance to feature in Suga's mixtape track "So Far Away". We happily completed that work and since then we have been exchanging musical opinions constantly. During this time, Suga sent me a few track sketches saying he would give me a song. That is how "WINE" was created. I personally liked Changmo's music and I wanted to work with him so I was introduced to him through Beenzino. From Suga to BTS's producer Slow Rabbit, producer PDogg, Junsang, and Changmo who featured in the song. They sincerely helped me as if this was their own song. Thank you very much again.

◆  After releasing this pre-released song,  is there anyone who you're most grateful to?
- I'm most grateful to Suga and Slow Rabbit producer-nim! They really put their soul into the album as if it's their own work and album. I bothered them a lot while making edits but they continued to care for the album until we completed the album and I'm very grateful about this.

◆ Is there a connection between the pre-released track and the album that will release in May?
- I think it's going to be an album that will display the musical side of singer "Suran" better and let the general public learn more about me than before.

◆ What do you think is the reason why this new song was able to receive more love?
- I think there are many different reasons. When you look at the song itself, it's very simple yet I tried to capture a lot of emotion into the song and I think it's also because I received a lot of directing to fill my strong points and make up my weakness.

◆ Lastly, a message you'd like to send to your listeners?
- I'd like to thank many people for showing interest and listening to the song. I still find it hard to realize. I think I can do better with more strength due to your support. I will work hard to meet the anticipation you have for my mini album as well. Thank you.

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