[Article] 170430 BTS is No.1 in Idol group Brand Reputation ranking for April.. No. 2 is Winner and No. 3 is TWICE

It has been analyzed that BTS is No. 1, Winner is No. 2, and TWICE is No. 3 according to 100 idol group Big Data analysis result for April 2017.

The research institute sampled 100 different girl and boy groups' 111,932,045 pieces of brand reputation big data from 2017 March 28th to April 29th to analysis the consumer's participation rate, media rate, communication rate, and community rate.

The brand reputation index plays a big role in finding the online habit of consumers in order to create brand big data analysis. By analyzing 100 idol groups, we're able to measure the positive and negative evaluation, level of media interest, and the interest of consumers and the communication rate.

It has be analyzed that BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) is No. 1 in brand reputation ranking with 2,666,136 participation index, 493,876 media index, communication index 2,600,297, and 722,808 community index which results in 6,483,117 brand reputation index.

Goo Changhwan, the head of the research Institute stated, "According to the 100 idol group brand reputation analysis for April 2017, BTS came first. The top following is the order of Top 10 groups- BTS, Winner, TWICE, Laboum, Red Velvet, EXID, EXO, APink, Lovelyz, and Pristin.  We will continue to release the 100 idol groups' brand reputation ranking by analyzing the consumers' participation rate every month."

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1. Congrats to everyone who rank No.1 to 3, BTS, Winner, and TWICE~ ^^ +396 -12

2. People around the world are really interested in you guys. BTS & Winner & Twice, congrats on winning 1~3~ ㅎㅎ you guys are really popular.. all of you are my fav groups. As expected, I have good eyes~ +328 -9

3. BTS is really amazing every time I look at them. They're not from a very big company and they weren't really well known even during the early debut days but now they remain in #1 and they're popular too. I'm from a different fandom but I can only think they're amazing +383 -33

4. BTS, Winner, TWICE, congrats! ※ ARMY is just proud and happy.... +308 -8

5. It's not even their promotion period but BTS and Twice still remain in the high ranks every time which is amazing. The other spots keep changing according to the groups' promotion period but BTS and TWICE always remain in No. 1~3 +336 -23

6. Winner, let's continue to walk only on brand road~~ Congrats to #1 BTS. There's a reason why everyone likes them (thumbs up) really, really, let's only walk on flower road +120 -5

7. congrats Winner!! congrats to BTS and TWICE too♥ +116 -4

8. Congrats to BTS, Winner, Twice~ BTS and Winner participates in composing and writing lyrics, right? nice songs will succeed... +94 -2

9.  BTS is really the top in both Korea and overseas.. this isn't their promotion period too... +94 -5

10. their music is trendy and their stage is awesome.. they're nice and think about their fans... seriously they can't help but succeed... my BTS pride is extraordinary ㅠㅠ congrats to Winner and Twice who won No. 2 and 3!! +79 -2 

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