[Article] 170430 [Interview S] Bang Sihyuk"Even BTS longs to grow musically and mentally" ②

BTS was able to successfully wrapped up their US, Brazil, and Chile shows in March and April. The 100,000 tickets they prepared were all sold out. They also achieved the response of "fastest (group) to sell out all tickets in history" in Chile.

Bang Sihyuk said, "Even when we were planning their Americas tour, we just hoped to wrap up the show safely but we're deeply moved because we were able to end the show around many fans and their loud cheerings than we thought. I'd like to thank the fans who showed passion by coming to see a group called BTS from Korea  at the concert venues."

Their fandom size isn't the only thing that grew. They're receiving continuous love call from global artists. Recently, Rap Monster collaborated with a US rapper Wale and many other US artists have expressed their interest on SNS. The group's popularity has increased.

Bang Sihyuk expressed, "As for collaborations, the members receive great simulation by working with various artists and they get to show different sides to the fans. I think this is very positive."

He continued to explain, "Currently, BTS is receiving offers from various global singers. This is a very interesting and exciting news. They will collaborate if the two artists' ideas work well and the company doesn't interfere at all regarding this. The company has never planned a collaboration with other artists and proceeded with our plans."

Bang Sihyuk also added, "The most important factor is how well the artists fit musically. The company assists along them so rather than revealing detailed plans on my own, I prefer to keep it as a little surprise."

BTS who has ended their Americas tour does not stop. They will be aiming the Asia with their shows in Bangkok (Thailand), Manila (Philippines), Hong Kong, and 6 cities in Japan.

While talking about the direction of BTS's future activity, Bang Sihyuk said, "We want to continuously show you the improvement. Even the members don't only want to expand as BTS but I think they really hope to show their musical, and mental growth as well."

Bang Sihyuk said, "We hope to make music that can flow with time and public which is also relatable and comforting.", he also asked, "I hope you will continue to watch BTS with great interest."

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