[Instiz] 170403 The current situation of a board due to another group's company threatening to sue the fans

*How it all began

The similarity of Gfriend and BTS's lightsticks ->


Gfriend lightstick

There are three Yurigusool lightsticks

5 Yurigusool lightsticks

Gfriend's light sticks were photoshopped among the ARMY Bombs

1.  photo was taken during the Epilogue concert so the fans had the old ARMY Bomb. However, when you compare Gfriend's lightstick to the new ARMY Bomb which is brighter, you can't tell the difference

2. to avoid any possible suspicion, the opacity of other than one yurigusool lightstick has not been changed (opacity 80%). They did not change at all because you can't differentiate the two lightsticks if the photo is edited

The photo of two lightsticks combined

(T/N: Tanso (탄소) is the nickname used by ARMYs in Instiz. PANN ARMYs are called Eppi (이삐))

*first inquiry

/ Tanso 1 inquired to Source Music by calling their general number > Tanso questioned if they had applied for the design patent > The staff who answered the phone personally read out the calling number and threatened to sue Tanso, asking her/his personal information (school, name, phone number). 
Tanso 1 posted the proof with the audio recording but didn't want any speculations so s/he has deleted the post 

*second inquiry

-> Tanso 2 called after Tanso 1

-> s/he did not mention about the recorded file to the second staff but the staff threatened again to sue her/him if s/he uploads the recorded file because it's an invasion of privacy

* the following is the transcribe of the actual phone call

staff: This is Source Music~
OP: ah, well, I called because of the lightstick.
staff: Yes. / OP: ah, so there aren't any feedback regarding the similarity?
staff: ha... first of all. We accept inquiries to our email address so please email us.
OP: ah, so you mean to say you will continue to do this? You have no plans on changing (the lightstick)?
staff: I- right now, I'm not the person in charge. I'm not sure.
OP: ah, then I'd like to speak to the person in charge.
staff: wait, wait.
OP/ staff: hello? hello?
staff: ah, yes. We've noticed that some of you have uploaded our staffs' voices on the internet in the past few days~ (OP: Yes.) This is an invasion of privacy and we also have the recording so this means we can really report you.
OP: ah, okay.
staff: (clenches his/her teeth) Please know your limit. And stop calling us all the time!
OP: Ah, so what are you going to do about this?
staff: what could we do about this?
OP: You need to give a feedback. You're not giving us any feedback even now.
staff: Why should we give a feedback? We have done nothing wrong. Why should we give a feedback when we've done nothing wrong?
OP: ah~ you have done something wrong~
staff: (cuts her/his sentence) We will seriously collect all the numbers of the people who called us regarding this and report you. (OP's phone number), we will report all of you~
OP: ah, yes. Ah, wait.
staff: (has already hung the phone)

This is the situation of the staff threatening to report everyone who has inquired them so far

audio proof

+ additional inquiry controversy

I called Source Music but did I do something wrong?

Source: This is Source Music. (I thought they wouldn't answer the call but they did in just 3 seconds)

: Well, I called because of the similarity in the recently released lightstick of Gfriend and BTS's lightstick-

Source: Do you know what time it is now? It's 6PM,  I mean it's past 7PM and you're the only one calling the office at this time. Are you calling us because of this petty lightstick issue?

: (dumbfounded) then what should I call you for?

Source: Our company only answers the calls to answer regarding questions related to Gfriend.

The staff said something more too but I got annoyed so I just said yeah, thanks~ and hung up but did I do something wrong? Can't I call at 7:15pm?



this is the voting result collected within BTS room in Instiz
This is not the opinion of BTS's fanclub

We should post this on Instiz Portal Room (public area)

Post it (83.9%, 115 votes)
Don't (16.1%, 22 votes)

Original post here
Response +227

1. the staff's attitude is baffling.. what's going on
ㄴ petty lightstick...?

2. I've never seen such staff before...
ㄴ his/her attitude is daebak...

3. seriously this is bad. what do you gain by threatening little kids? stay away from our ARMYs

4. I think the staffs don't want to run an idol company... my question is why are they even running an entertainment cmpany...

5. the staff's attitude is legendary~ Source should change their staffs~

6. why is the staff reacting like that... sue...?

7. omg... this is terrifying... look at that staff's attitude...

8.  so Gfriend's lightstick is not related to Gfriend...?
ㄴ Ikr... I was speechless when I saw that part...

9. I think the staffs aren't aware of their attitude damaging their artist's image. If you aren't sure, you should at least answer polietly and that's basic manner. Shouldn't you show at least basic manner?

10. can't we report the staff?

11. did the posters delete the audio? (or am I not searching properlyㅠㅠ)
ㄴ Source Music threatened to sue if they upload the audio so they took them down

12. I have nothing to do with this but I'm mad because of the staff; 

13. scary company ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ they're just eating away the artist's image, right...?

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