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The recent music industry is hot... what could be the reason?

Korean record industry highly relies on idols which result in album volume sales data increasing and decreasing unevenly according to the comeback seasons of major idol groups. However, the recent weekly album sales volume 400 (total album sales volume up to the 400th place album) constantly remains at 1 million copies. It seems like local record industry is improving a step quantitatively. In this column, let's look at the local record industry that is showing a sharp increase in sales volume as mentioned in the previous first quarter review.

Yearly Top 400 album sales volume 

The above graph represents the yearly album sales for Top 400 (the total sales volume from No. 1 to No. 400). The album sales of Top 400 in 2011 recorded 6.8 million copies. After 2012, the graph gets locked in box pattern between 7 and 8 million copies but increases by about 2 million compared to the previous year in 2016, showing sharp growth in album sales volume. 

The album sales volume share of male and female idols in 2016

(yellow = male idols (including soloists) dark gray = female idols (including soloist), medium gray = OST, lighter gray = normal albums, lightest gray =  co-ed idols)

The above graph represents the sales volume share of top 100 albums in 2016. (for reference, top 100 volume sales comprises 87.6% of top 400). Male idols recorded about 80% and female idols recorded about 18%. In 2015, male idols recorded 84% in sales with female idols recording 13%.

The album sales volume share of Bighit & JYP Entertainment in 2015~2016

The above graph shows the albums sales volume share of Bighit Entertainment and JYP Entertainment based on top 100 albums. These two entertainment companies' albums sales volume has rapidly increased in 2015 and 2016.

In 2016, Bighit Entertainment's album sales volume has increased by 159% compared to previous year and even JYP has increased by 220% 

Bighit Entertainment recorded 1.1 million copies in sales with "WINGS" and "HYYH Young Forever" albums in 2016. JYP record 920,000 copies in sales with TWICEcoaster : LANE 1’, ‘PAGE TWO’, ‘GOT7 ‘FLIGHT LOG : TURBULENCE’,  ‘FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE’. 

2017 first quarter male and female idol album sales volume share

Compared to the Top 400 album sales of 2016, first quarter sales volume of 2017 has increased by 1.8 times and the growth in record industry continues in 2017 as well. (please refer to 2017 first quarter review, published on 13th April 2017)

The above graph shows the top 100 album sales volume share of 2017's first quarter. Male idols (including soloist) recorded 67%, female idols (including soloists) recorded 28%. For reference, male idols recorded 73% in the first quarter of 2016, and female idols recorded 16%.

We took closer look at the rapid growth in the local record industry that has been continuously growing in the recent past 2 years. In conclusion,  male and female idols have both increased their album sales. However, based on top 100 albums male idols have increased by 26% in 2016 compared to the previous year whereas female idols have increased by 86%. Compared to male idols, female idols are showing better performance in the recent record industry.

For reference, there are 11 teams who recorded over a million sales in 2016 (9 male groups, 2 female groups). In 2015 there were 11 teams (10 male, 1 female). And 7 teams in the first quarter of 2017 (5 male, 2 female), and 2 teams in the first quarter of 2016 (2 male).

Article by Kim Jinwoo, Gaon Chart chief researcher

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