[PANN] 170406 Thoughtful Gaeko (feat. Rap Monster) the running time/duration of "Elephant"

4 mins 16 seconds (yep that's right)
God Ko

(T/N: April 16th = Sewol Ferry)

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Response +157 -28

1. As expected from Gaeko and Namjoon who we trust listening to. I like the two's work because their voices compliment each other :D And the song was more relatable because of the messages in the song after "Change" ㅎㅎ Hope you guys succeed! +83 -8

2. Even Zico's solo song is 4 mins and 16 seconds ㅋㅋㅋ Gaeko and Zico are both thoughtful +46 -2

3. We should go with Elephant step, giri giri step giri step~ +45 -0
ㄴ that part is so addictive ㅋㅋㅋ +3 -0

4. Kim Namjoon is amazing +14 -1

What is the killing part in your opinion?
I think I spent a lot of effort writing the first verse lyrics. And Namjoon's "No disrespect for starfish but if you want a fish, be selfish" is very witty and I like this part because it's meaningful and cool

How do you feel about working together with Rap Monster who featured in your song? Any episodes?
First of all, while we worked on the song Namjoon wrote his verse for over 5 times. He re-recorded his part many times and he showed a lot of affection for the song as if it's his own song, to the point where I felt bad for him. I'm grateful because he worked so hard for him. He must be busy with BTS's album but I was touched by his attitude towards music. I hope I could continue working with him in the future if we can.

5. But the mv of Elephant is so scary +10 -0

6. I really liked the lyrics. I listened to the song twice while paying attention to the lyrics +8 -0

7. But the song is so freaking good ㅜㅜ I was so close from resigning from my job while I listened to it on my way to work on the subway ㅋㅋ I should work hard ㅎ +4 -0

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