[PANN] 170408 BTS Jungkook grew up really well handsomely

I enjoy searching idols' photos on the internet whenever I'm bored~ these days I've been searching about Jungkook like crazy because I'm interested in him and then I found his old photo and he's so cute...

Even I've only seen Jungkook's photos on Entertalk board when I was not interested in Jungkook before so I'll post some of his old photos for those who haven't seen his old photos before!

He looks so refreshing. Totally like a baby compared to now

I'm not really sure when this is but I think the above photos are from early debut days? cute ㅋㅋ

I personally think Jungkook looks more handsome when he has black hair

From this point, he is growing up like a man from his cute image. I think black hair makes Jungkook look better

He has grown taller

He is always mentioned whenever people talk about idols who look like rabbit and I think I know what they mean'

Recent photo taken by the reporter. He has grown up a lot

I think he is an idol who grew up really well handsomely. I don't think Jungkook got any plastic surgery. While I was searching for his photos, I was surprised because he looked just like his baby photos. He was cute was he was a kid and now he's handsome. I listened to his cover of Goblin OST Beautiful and he has a good tone, sings well, dances well, and handsome. He is a favorable idol
I don't know how I should end the post;; I think BTS Jungkook is an idol who has grown up really well. That's all!

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Response +1235 -120

1. NO Kook and TwentyKook (rapid growth in just 3 years) +233 -8
If NO Kook had rescued the wrecked world
TwentyKook has sabotaged this f*cked up world... 

2.  Jungkook debuted when he was 17 so he didn't even have time to get any plastic surgery so his features are natural but there are many muggles? who don't feel comfortable seeing BTS related posts in the Selected Talk Rankingㅠ +179 -7

3. identical~ +176 -8

4. his features has grown more defined +78 -0

5. The title clearly says Jeon Jungkook so why do you click on the post to leave negative comments? I will attach a god-body, physical photo of him for you +75 -0

6. You will learn this when you begin stanning him but he was an ultimate baby during their early debut days... for real... +74 -0

7. his hyungs have really raised him well +65 -0

8. rapid growth (17//19) +65 -0

9. He really looks like a prince. I'm from another fandom but Jungkook is f*cking handsome. In my opinion, he is the visual of BTS +62 -1

10. He is really sexy even to fans from other fandoms +56 -0

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