[PANN] 170413 V who is known as the stage gesture textbook among trainees


Idols are different from ordinary singers who only release albums/digital tracks
They are a genre of singers who perform and dance on stage so I believe it's important for them to be talented visually
Their talents can include stage manner, natural and various gestures and expressions which suit their songs, witty performance on stage, etc. I think the idols are both gifted and work hard to improve this talent.



War of Hormone

Blood Sweat & Tears

Future career is government worker 

Not Today

Just one day


and other stages

Idol trainees often post on sites that they learn stage gestures by watching BTS V and Big Bang G Dragon's performances 
V said he also practiced the gestures by monitoring GD's stage videos because he overflows with stage talent

V is surprised as he finds a camera while practicing his gestures

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Response +435 -134

1. Taehyung is really charming. He is gifted but he perfected it with effort +100 -12

2. Right. There were a Produce 101 season 2 trainee who said he wanted to learn from V's gestures because he's good at it.... I can't remember who it was.. +90 -10
ㄴ It was Park Jihoon! +11 -1

2. His dance moves are beautiful and smooth +86 -12

3. Park Jihoon who is currently the No. 1 trainee in Produce 101 season 2 said he wants to be like V and the reason was because he's full of charms and he knows what the public wants to see +40 -0

Reason: senior V! he is full of charms, expressions and he knows what the public likes.

4. Taetae knows to cherish even the little dandelion on the road +38 -1

5. Taehyung is a good dancer +29 -0

6. he's a cutie when he's not on stage ^ㅁ^ +25 -0

7.  his gestures continued to improve during Blood Sweat & Tears +25 -0

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