[PANN] 170420 International ARMYs are expressing their frustration on Twitter trend

We should go and join them #UMGDontTouchBTS
This is important because reaction videos and subbed videos play an important rule in recruiting a large number of new fans and these videos help BTS to rank No.1 in video contents ranking but they're blocking these videos...

#UMGDontTouchBTS ????? have they lost their mind? who are they to block the videos?

#UMGDontTouchBTS Bighit's Japanese business partner universal Japan is blocking international fans' reaction videos and all other nonsense 
They're blocking all videos when Korean is clearly different from Japanese... ㅡㅡ;;

+) the hashtag isn't trending right now but let's try inquiring again together in the evening 

Original post here
Response +42 -1 

1. I think they will get involved in every promotion of our boys if we just leave them. For instance, controlling their promotion in Korea. Of course, I might be overreacting but even now they're blocking Korean reaction videos like their own music videos so if we just leave them, they might force the boys to promote in Japan twice the amount of their Korean activities +16 -0

2.  Japan... ha... I just can't open my heart for them. Nasty... who are they to block the videos? trash +7 -0

3. We should trend the hashtag for real when during evening because we're active during that time +6 -0

4. honestly I guess they could block the reaction videos by Japanese fans but why are they blocking Korean music videos? are they ㅋㅋㅋ Bighit? ㅋㅋ are you their Korean management company? You aren't. Some might think that BTS was created by a Japanese company, don't you think? +6 -0

5. ah why do I feel so nasty? I have a feeling that Japan is trying to restricting BTS's international popularity. This is annoying 

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