[Article] 170505 [Starwatch] Idol ★s cast preliminary votes, "I couldn't vote because I was busy" is an old excuse now, isn't it?

Now it looks like "we couldn't vote due to our busy schedules" is an old excuse. Idol stars have continuously visited the venues to cast their preliminary votes, warming the public's heart.

The 19th South Korean presidential election is scheduled to be held on 9 May 2017 6am until 8pm. If you are a Korean above 19 years old (people born before May 10th 1998), you have the right to vote.

BTS who has left the country for their concert in Manila, Philipines will cast their votes on 9th, on the day of the presidential election after returning to Korea after their show. Their company, Bighit Entertainment revealed to Newsen, "Members are scheduled to take part in voting on the 9th".

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