[Article] 170508 US NYT releases an in-depth report on BTS, "Takes the world by storm"

The US New York Times Magazine focused on BTS's popularity and influence in South America.

In the May 7th New York Times Magazine, they wrote an in-depth and emphasized report on BTS's popularity in Chile by looking at various angles like culture and economy under the title "What Does It Take for a K-Pop Band to Blow Up in South America?".

New York Times Magazine began, "South Korea’s music craze has taken most of the world by storm, but Chile represents a somewhat unlikely conquest.". They reported the liveness of fans waiting for the boys in tears in the airport and the live broadcast of BTS's arrival broadcasted on Chile morning news. 

They analyzed the main factors of BTS's popularity. Especially how BTS actively participates with their fans on SNS platforms and Chile radio station starting a KPOP program, and the dedicated fans translating and sharing Korean articles and information voluntarily.

Moreover, NYT Magazine focused on BTS's surprising growth and said, "the “Wings” album was South Korea’s best-selling album of 2016". They evaluated the group by saying, " — with fans worldwide seeming to connect with the band’s increasingly polished sound and relatable-yet-hopeful messages"

Lastly, NYT Magazine explained, "The audience screams at Movistar Arena reached  127 decibels. BTS recorded the loudest ever decibel at the arena."

After the March article released by the global traditional media New York Times covering BTS's US tour, the group is reported by the New York Times magazine which is published every Sunday. The group is receiving global attention. 

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1. I wish they get to at least attend the Billboard Music Awards ㅠㅠㅠ we're all voting diligently ㅠㅠㅠ pleaseㅠㅠ +3121 -246

2. BTS! Cool! ㅎㅎ +2530 -138

3.  I really think that it's true that real talent will not betray you. Right now fans around the world are voting hard so let's really go to the Billboard Music Awards ㅠㅠㅠ!! +2449 -147

4. They wear a bulletproof outfit called ARMY~~ +2080 -163

5. BTS fighting♡♡As expected♡♡Purple you♡ +1844 -117

6. I thought BTS's popularity in South America is insane after watching the public broadcast station doing a live broadcast of their arrival in the airport +423 -19

7. BTS is the first group I've ever stan in my 30 years of life +408 -24

8. I think they are a cool group that even makes man approve of them. BTS who is leading the hallyu boom with good Korean songs in South America and bringing foreign currency into the country, fighting~ +386 -21

9. I'm so so proud.. as expected from BTS +352 -16

10. Let's go to Billboard! I support you always! +341 -17

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