[Article] 170510 PSY, " BTS's Billboard achievement is a score that's worth watching closely. They are praiseworthy"

Singer PSY expressed his awe for group BTS's global records.

PSY held the press conference to celebrate the release of his 8th full album "4x2=8" at the Seoul Hotel Grand Ballroom on the 10th.

During the press conference, PSY mentioned BTS's Billboard record and said, "They are very praiseworthy. I think we should watch them closely. Even I have entered the overseas market in an unique way but even these guys' are an unique case. I think people without intention see unexpected results at times."

PSY highly praised and continued, "BTS is very popular in other countries and I know that they will be attending the BBMA. I saw them during "Daddy" promotion and I really thought the boys would dislocate their bones when I saw them dancing like the real stage during the rehearsal."

He advised them, "I would like to ask them to not be too pressured because they have already scored an eye catching achievement as an Asian musician and it doesn't matter if this lasts for a long time or not."

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