[Article] 170513 BTS is highly praised for their live performance on Japanese live broadcast..."A stage that surpasses an idol's"

Group BTS has created a hot response by appearing on famous Japanese TV shows.

Following their appearance on the 10th Nippon TV morning show "Sukkiri", BTS appeared on the live broadcast of Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV" on the 12th to perform their seventh single "Blood Sweat &Tears".

Despite being a morning show, BTS was highly praised for their intense performance and live stage not only by their fans but even by the hosts of the tv show as "a stage that surpasses an idol's".

Fuji TV's "Mezamashi TV" has focused on BTS's concert in Anaheim back in April, showing great interest in their global popularity and world tour.

BTS has also appeared on Nippon TV's morning show "ZIP" for an interview regarding their new single album and they wrapped up their official single album promotion with their last stage in Japan's famous music show "Buzz Rhythm" on the 12th evening. 

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1. BTS is so cool. I will always support you +415 -0

2. I will always support you. BTS, I love you +349 -0

3. let's last forever♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ +328 -2

4. BTS♡I support you always ♡♡♡ +317 -0

5. Even other countries do an in-depth report about them but you can't even read about them invited for the BBMA or about them selling 140000 copies on the first day in Japan in Korean sites;;; Korea is the only place that underestimates BTS... +95 -0

6. Your stable live performance despite it being a morning live show was cool. You guys were cute during the interview but you changed during the stage which surprised the MCs +86 -0

7. seriously BTS climbed to that spot with blood, sweat, and tears... more people will recognize you for the effort you have made. Good songs and a good stage will be recognized by all. We will always support you in Korea too +80 -0

8. I will support you. Come back safely +74 -0

9. Right~ they're not just an idol group, they are a special idol~ +79 -0

10. I think they should be called an artist rather than an idol. they're amazing +72 -0

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