[Article] 170514 BTS is No. 1 for the 7 months on Boy Group Brand Reputation... Sechs Kies is No. 2

According to the 2017 May Big Data analyze of boy group brand reputation, BTS is No. 1, Sechs Kies is No. 1 and Winner is No. 3. 

The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed 64,460,090 pieces of data from April 12 to May 13 2017 and measured the participation, media, communication and community index of boy groups' brand reputation. Compared to the brand big data of last year, 64.75% has increased.

The top 20 places for the May 2017 brand reputation index is BTS, Sechs Kies, Winner, EXO, Big Bang, Shinee, BTOB, Infinite, Seventeen, Highlight, Block B, BEAST, Nuest, SF9, VIXX, Super Junior, NCT, Monsta X, B1A4, and Bromance.

No. 1 BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) brand reputation showed 2,718,408  in participation, 770,640 media, 2,835,662 communication, and 3,270,650 community, totaling to 9,595,360 brand reputation. 21.47% has increased compared to the previous month's brand reputation of BTS.

Goo Changhwan, the head of the research Institute stated, "According to the 100 idol group brand reputation analysis for May 2017, BTS came first.  BTS has been remaining in the #1 place since November last year for 7 months straight in the boy group reputation ranking. Boy group BTS's seventh Japanese single album "Blood Sweat & Tears" also topped the Daily Single Chart of Oricon. That's not all, they were invited by the US Billboard Music Award, making them the first boy group to attend the ceremony."

He continued,  ""Nice", "Thanks", "Will anticipate" were highly shown in the link analysis of BTS's brand reputation. "Billboard Music Awards", "Oricon", "Blood Sweat & Tears" were highly shown in the keyword analysis. The ranking based on analysis of positive, BTS recorded 89.21%."

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1. Keuuu as expected♥♥ they didn't even promote yet they're amazing +373 -16

2. for 7 months straight ㅎㅎ... I think "perfect" "forever" "makes effort" were highly shown in the link analysis of the previous month? but this time it's "Nice", "thanks", "will anticipate"~ they really reflect the hearts of the fans ㅋㅋ +318 -12

3. ah they're really amazing ㅋㅋ this is real!! +308 -15

4.  BTS, I purple you~ +297 -17

5. BTS is No.1 for 7 months straight on Boy group Brand reputation ranking... TWICE is No. 1 for 7 months on Girl Group Brand Reputation ranking... As a Once and ARMY, I'm happy ㅎㅎ +268 -19

6. Performance, live performance talent, songwriting, composing talent, collaboration requests from talented singers, personality, their love for fans, unity in members, beagleness, effort they make, album planning skills, their power in the overseas market, album sales volume, music chart ranking, selling out all concert seats, overseas medias reporting about them +85 -0

7. I'm seeing PUMA in a new light thanks to BTS +94 -4

8. ohhhh BTS is great... but even Sechs Kies is *shivers* +90 -4

9. BTS really shows us how much they care about their music, fans and how to communicate with their fans. I will continue to support you higher. fighting!! +85 -4

10. as expected~ BTS is uncrossable~~ they continue to surprise me every day~~!! +76 -2

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