[Article] 170515 BTS is No. 10 on the US Billboard "Artist 100"... the best ranking by Korean singer

Group BTS's "Not Today" surpassed UK boyband One Direction, topping the US Billboard "Twitter Top Track".

According to the recent Billboard Twitter Top Track, BTS's "Not Today" surpassed One Direction member Harry Style's solo song "Sweet Creature", and Niall Horan's "Slow Dance" and climbed 23 spots higher than last week, topping the chart.

Billboard's "Twitter Top Track" charts the songs based on the most number of times the songs were shared on Twitter during that week.

Also, BTS accomplished the highest ranking by a Korean singer by climbing to No. 10 on the Billboard "Artist 100" chart.

They are also #1  on Social 50 Chart, and since their #1 last October 29th chart this is their 24th time achieving #1 on Social 50 chart.

Meanwhile, BTS has been officially invited to the 2017 Billboard Music Awards which will be held on the 21st in Las Vegas, US. They will be the first Kpop group to attend the ceremony.

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1. this is why we say "BTS pride" ㅜㅜㅜㅜ boys, I will support you. I miss you +359 -4

2. BTS is rewriting all records by Korean idol groups ㅜㅜ +324 -3

3. this is why they make us proud of them... I will always support you! +301 -3

4. now I have no words to say. I think I've used all possible exclamation I can say in Korean for you. Not more than 10 days are left for the BBMA now. Don't be nervous. Just burn and sweep the venue all you can so no one could say a word!! Most importantly, enjoy the stages, and try to capture most things in your eyes! Okay? Fighting! +305 -6

5. BTS, let's only walk on Billboard road!! +268 -3

6. let's really put this on the main page, you dog-naver. You never put any articles on the main even when they stay No. 1 for 24 weeks, even when they get invited to the BBMA, nor when they won the #1 place in 97 countries... not even when they sold out all world tour concerts... you guys are unbelievable +95 -0

7. you feature articles on the main page using every possible title including "world singer" "world star" "world actor" when someone just steps into an oversea market and this doesn't even matter if the singers or actors are successful or popular but it's so hard for you to feature BTS's article on the main page when they are really setting great records. I think I've seen articles of big companies this entire weekend +85 -0

8. they're really crazy among the teenagers in the US. Some kid passed out while watching BTS's video on Youtube during breaktime and was taken by the ambulance ㅋㅋ that's how they're popular. I searched about them on Youtube after I heard about it and I realized all this is can be possible. As a Korean, I'm proud of them +81 -0

9. They remained #1 for 24 weeks straight and even this song topped charts in 97 countries ㅎㅎ they sold over 700,000 copies in the first week, this explains everything. this is not even their full album +74 -0

10. BTS, you're amazing♡ I support you always ♡ +71 -0

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