[Article] 170515 [POP UP Music] BTS Suga, the reason why we look forward to his steps as a producer

Boy group BTS member Suga is receiving spotlight as the new concept producing idol. The effort he makes as he concentrates in his music work despite their hectic schedule is seeing the light.

Suran's "WINE" produced and composed by Suga which released on April 27th stayed #1 on various music charts for 13 days. This is Suga's first time producing for an outside artist other than for his own mixtape and BTS's songs but it left a meaningful result.

This applies to the foreign artists as well. Global pop group N Sync's Justin Timberlake also focused on his own music while he was a part of N Sync. Justin Timberlake not only produced and wrote the lyrics of the hit track "Pop" from N Sync's third full album "Celebrity", and "GONE". Even after releasing his solo album in 2002, he actively featured in songs by famous singers like Madonna, Rihanna, and Macy Gray, showing his full potential as a producer.

Suga released his first mixtape "Agust D" last August. This was right between BTS's mini album "Young Forever" released in May and their second full album "WINGS" released in October. He did not remain idle with his music work even when the group was busy with schedules. Suga talked about his own story in his mixtape and global music medias like Billboard, Fuse TV did not stop praising him. He was recognized for the continuous attempts he made with a new topic and trial without remaining in the KPOP market.

Suga is currently on a world tour that attracts over 400,000 global audiences. He remains longer overseas compared to his stay in Korea. According to the company, Suga is known to concentrate in creating music whenever he is free. We're looking forward to seeing what kind of music and image Suga will show us following BTS's tracks, his own mixtape, and Suran's song.

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