[Article] 170516 [12th Anniversary Special Edition - Exclusive Interview②] BTS, "BTS will be "BTS" even when we're in our "middle age"!"

Seven member group BTS's (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jungkook, Jin, V, Jimin)  2017 was glorious than any other's. With the sensitivity of the early 20s that perfectly fits their age group, they completely swept the hearts of the "youths" from 10s to 20s. The people who swept off their feet didn't necessarily limit to Koreans. Fans around the world go wild because of their voice and body moves, and we're sure the number would be increasing every minute. This is the period when the youths of the people who sing about "youth" shine the brightest.

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of "Sports Kyunghyang", we selected group BTS who is currently busy with their second world tour concert "WINGS TOUR" as our interviewer. BTS perfected their musicality, and star quality as an artist and captured their identity in their music through their album "WINGS" which released end of last year and "WINGS Extension" which released earlier this year. Their global influence is proved by their entry in the US Billboard chart, ranking in iTunes charts around the world, and the number of the audience attending their tour concerts. And these boys are preparing their entry to the US Billboard Music Awards. BTS who is currently on their world tour expressed their present, past and future with words deep from their hearts during the exclusive interview with "Sports Kyunghyang". What other groups than BTS could express "Sports Kyunghyang" that is still young and fresh?

-We want to ask you the questions sent by the fans. Are there any foreign artists you'd like to collaborate with or that you respect?

Rap Monster: "They are Drake, Nas, Tablo hyungnim, Yunha noona, and senior Lee Sora"

Jin: "I really like Coldplay. They are such amazing people so perhaps not a collaboration but I always support him from far. (T/N: He tries to explain that Coldplay is too great for him to collaborate with)

Suga: "I have too many artists I like. These days I listen to Flume's music a lot. I think it would be fun if we collaborate."

J Hope: "I wish I could make a fun song with an artist called Tinashe."

V: "I really love senior John Legend. I'm really a very big fan. I love all his songs but my most favorite song is "Start"."

Jimin: "I'd like to pick Ariana Grande"

Jungkook: "I wish I could work together with Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth. And I'd like to work with Radwimps to create a song like "Date"."

- BTS's songs have many difficult choreography. What is the hardest choreography out of all songs?

Jimin: "My solo track "Lie" is the hardest"

Jungkook: "I think it's "Danger""

- If BTS is no longer "boys" what will happen to the group name?

Jin: "We'll forever be boys in our heart so our group name will never change"

- If BTS members didn't become the current BTS, what would you be doing now? And your image in 10 years?

Rap Monster: "I think I would just be a university student majoring in business. In 10 years, when the waves pass I wish I could do music and perform in a more comfortable manner.

Suga: "If I didn't become BTS, I think I would be composing songs. In 10 years, I think I'd still be performing as BTS."

- We want to ask a question to every member. Rap Monster, when was the hardest moment as the leader?

Rap Monster: "I believe it's whenever I work hard to care about the aspects our members don't notice"

- Suga, what is your favorite hair color?

Suga: "It's black"

- Jin, what is the secret to your visual care routine that creates an issue among your fans?

Jin: "Frequent face masks, an enormous amount of fruit intake, drinking lots of water, and confidence about my visual, self-confidence and just handsomeness. These are the secrets of perfecting my skin and visual. haha"

- V,  if you could give advice to someone who is shy and timid to grow their confidence?

V: I want to tell them not to be worried or scared about the next thing that will happen before it happens. I learned that being sad because you lack confidence doesn't help you. Fighting."

- J Hope, how did you begin dancing?

J Hope: "I simply loved music and I liked to express that music with my body and I think that's how I began. The talent competition during elementary school retreat played an important role. I think that was the moment when I really felt the joy of music."

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