[Article] 170516 BTS is the fastest to surpass 200,000 copies in sales on Oricon

Group BTS has set the fastest record of scoring 200,000 points on the Japan Oricon Chart as the foreign artist in history.

According to the Oricon Chart, BTS's 7th Japanese single "Blood Sweat & Tears" has recorded 238,795 Oricon points on the first week, making it the No. 1 single on Weekly Single Chart.

This means BTS has surpassed 200,000 points on Weekly Single Chart in the fastest period since their Japanese debut in 2014 June with "NO MORE DREAM - JAPANESE Ver-". 

That's not all, BTS has recorded the second highest sales point among foreign artists in total, and they are the first foreign hip hop artist to surpass 200,000 points on the Weekly Single chart, proving BTS's popularity and influence in Japan.

BTS has also seized the #1 on Oricon Weekly Single Chart for the first time since their debut in Japan with their 4th Japanese single "FOR YOU" in 2015 June.

Meanwhile, BTS has released their seventh single album "Blood Sweat & Tears" on 10th which includes 3 Japanese version tracks of "Blood Sweat & Tears", "Spring Day", and "Not Today". They have topped the Oricon Daily Chart and swept the #1 places on iTunes Chart in 13 countries.

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1. wow they're really popular +940 -31

2. as expected. BTS, let's keep on breaking more records. fighting +745 -24

3. I'm really proud and congrats! Let's continue to only walk on flower road! +721 -28

4. as expected from BTS. fighting!! +651 -20

5. BTS congrats! I hope you will only walk on the flower road from now +625 -23

6. I learned about them lately after listening to Spring Day. Their dance and music are top +166 -3

7. 200,000 copies in this economy... (shivers) they're doing well in the Japan too +162 -2

8. Let's diligently vote #BTSBBMAs so they could stand on the stage! +146 -2

9. I'm happy because I can see you guys growing continuously. Let's just continue this way. I support your Japan promotion too ❤️ +143 -3

10. I saw their videos on Youtube and their live performance was amazing despite the fancy choreography... +135 -1

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