[Article] 170517 BTS is No. 3 on the US Billboard World Digital Song Chart... They are the only Korean singer

Group BTS has set another record again.

According to the US Billboard World Digitial Song Sales Chart, BTS is #3 on this week's chart.

No. 1 is "We know the way" OST of animation Moana, and No. 2 is also a famous song. It's IZ's version of "Somewhere over the rainbow". No. 3 is "Blood Sweat & Tears" by BTS.

World Digital Song Chart ranks the artists based on the digital sales of songs released outside the US by all artists around the world.

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to attend the "Billboard Music Awards" on the 21st. They were nominated for the "Top Social Artist" category. They're competing against Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes.

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1. BTS who always presents me with good articles. You have added one more record today!! Congrats and I hope you will stay healthy with the weather turning warmer!! +485 -6

2. They recorded the highest record as Korean singer which is No. 8 on the Artist 100 Chart as well! They ranked No. 10 last week and BTS broke their own record! FYI, BTS is currently the only Korean singer on the chart right now. The chart lined up by famous singers like Ed Sheeran, Future, The Chainsmokers, and Justin Bieber! Seriously BTS is amazing at becoming the topic~ +444 -6

3. Record Boy Scouts, I think you are breaking your own record. I'm proud of you +414 -8

4. They're showing us new record every day~ ^^ this is daebak +377 -6

5.  this is such an amazing news. I hope you will become a great musician and create good music for a long time ^^ they are cool guys +366 -5

6. the power of ARMYs around the world is amazing +98 -3

7. Congrats! I hope you will safely return after attending Billboard Music Awards!! +92 -2

8. BTS, this is the sweet result after bitterness~~ congrats on writing a new history in the Korean gayo history~~ I congratulate their families as well~~ +91 -2

9. That's right, other fans might be happy to see their singer appearing on many variety shows but we're hearing many good news even though they don't appear on variety shows ㅎㅎ +89 -2

10. They are really doing well now so I hope they'll strengthen more +83 -0

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