[Article] 170518 Billboard Japan, "BTS tops HOT 100 Chart... they're different from the other KPOP groups"

Group BTS has seized North America and they are capturing Japan.

On the 17th, Billboard Japan announced, "BTS has ranked #1 on Hot 100 chart".

BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears" has ranked #1  on the Hot 100 chart following their #1 on Single, and #1 on Twitter.

They also released an analysis that they have proved their presence with an even index, unlike the other KPOP singers.

Meanwhile, English singer Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" ranked #16.

BTS is scheduled to attend the "Billboard Music Awards" on the 21st.They are nominated for the "Social Top Artist" award.

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1. I sincerely congratulate you ^^ BTS is the best +124 -0

2. Amazing. Record Boy Scouts, I will cheer for you +112 -0

3. This is cool, BTS. Let's fly around freely with the wings on +110 -0

4. BTS is the boss of presence! Congrats and I wish you to stay healthy during the promotion~ +107 -0

5. the b... best! +96 -0

6. The result of you're sincere hard work and effort are setting great records.. I'm thankful to you for being BTS +38 -0

7. BTS, I love you~ (in Jimin's tone) I love you (Jungkook's tone). I support you always +38 -0

8. They recognize the real +38 -0

9. Now it's being surprised by you guys is my daily routine~~ ♡♡ I'm proud of you~~~~ ♡♡ so global ♡♡ +38 -0

10. I can't count all the record... ♡amazing♡ +38 -0

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