[Article] 170519 BTS departs today (19th) to the US to attend the Billboard Music Awards

BTS will be leaving the country today (19th) to attend the US Billboard Music Awards.

BTS will be traveling to Las Vegas, US via Incheon International Airport on the 19th afternoon to attend the "2017 Billboard Music Awards". We assume the venue to be crowded with many fans and reporters on the day of their departure since they are the first Kpop group to attend the awards ceremony.

BTS has been officially invited to attend "2017 Billboard Music Awards" held at T-Mobile Arena on the 21st, 8PM (local time). BTS is also scheduled to walk the red carpet before the actual awards ceremony.

BTS has been nominated for the "Top Social Artist" category, competing against other nominees including Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes. The winner of this award will be chosen based on the album, digital sales volume, streaming, number of radio broadcasts, concerts including social participating, etc, and the global votes they collected since the 1st.

BTS is the first KPOP group to be invited to attend the Billboard Music Awards. They have been setting new records in Korea and around the world with the albums they have released so far so this is yet another record to look forward too.

BTS has revealed their thoughts after they were invited to the Billboard Music Awards. They said, "This really feels like a dream. This was possible thanks to ARMYs around the world. Thank you very much. Being invited to the awards ceremony is a great honor itself."

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1. You're already really amazing to attend the Billboard Music Awards❤ BTS is cool ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ +1636 -29

2. You have achieved a dream-like event... BTS is very cool and fighting~~ I support you every day~~ +1353 -20

3. Travel safely~ I can't believe this. I don't even know why my heart is fluttering. BTS members' visual will shine bright +1271 -18

4. BTS is the best. I support you always. BTS, I love you +1169 -20

5. My heart is fluttering already~ please don't get nervous and be cool! I will support you forever~ +1112 -18

6. My heart is fluttering! Boys who are running towards their dream. Fighting! +251 -2

7. You don't have to win the award ㅠ I just hope they will create many good memories with people they like ㅠㅠ BTS is the best~!! +252 -4

8. Health is everything so I hope you will always take good care of your health and come back safely!! I hope you experience many good things and if you do get a chance to perform on the stage, please sweep the stage and have fun so no one could tell you anything!! +242 -3

9. oh is this finally happening? I hope they will truly have fun because attending the ceremony itself is really amazing. Meeting their favorite singers... Please show BTS members' coolness to others too. I look forward to BTS who will continue to improve more +236 -3

10. BTS, I'm so proud.. Please come back safely without getting hurt. Bangtan Bangtan BangBangtan!! +211 -1

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