[Article] 170521 [BTS in Billboard①] BTS's record breaking history that made them pass through even the US

Group BTS will be attending the US Billboard Music Awards as the first KPOP group. In popular language, they have "passed through even to the US". This is an unprecedented event of record made by the only idol group consisting of only Korean members created by a small company.

How did they receive a love call from the US Billboard Music Awards? And how did they achieve such record-breaking global popularity? This is a "case" that makes BTS and the public proud. Let's take a closer look at the self-made successful history of BTS at this point.

BTS has achieved evenly visible success in both charts that represent the US, the Billboard chart and iTunes chart. The most eye-catching accomplishment they achieved is their Billboard 200 chart entry with their second full album "WINGS" released last October. "WINGS" debuted at No. 26 on "Billboard 200", the main chart of Billboard and the group recorded the highest ranking among the KPOP singers. Also, the repackage version of "WINGS", "WINGS Extension" debuted at No. 61 on "Billboard 200".

This makes BTS the first Korean singer to enter the "Billboard 200" with 4 consecutive albums and they achieved a total of 6 entries. This is where you can see the potential of this group who has struck both Korea and overseas.

Also, BTS has set a great record of ranking #1 for nineteen times since last October on the "Social 50" chart. They were invited to the Billboard Music Awards because the group was nominated for "Top Social Media Artist" category which is similar to the "Social 50" chart. BTS is leading the fan votes against the other nominees including Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez. This gives BTS a higher chance of winning the award.

Moreover, BTS has also entered their name in the US Billboard's "Bubbling Under Hot 100" chart. Billboard reported, "The accomplishment gives hope and acts as a guiding light to the burgeoning K-pop scene", focusing on the future performance of BTS.

They also achieved the desired achievement in the iTunes. BTS's "Spring Day" climbed to No. 8 on the iTunes Song Chart, easily replacing their own highest record of No. 29 with "Blood Sweat & Tears". This is the best ranking as a KPOP group and the highest ranking by Korean singer after PSY's #1 with "Gangnam Style".

Regarding this, during the previous interview with Bighit Entertainment's CEO Bang Sihyuk, when OSEN asked him about why BTS was highly praised by the Billboard, he replied, "It's because we unravel our story with music.". He revealed, "There aren't many teams among KPOP singers who talk about their own stories. Meanwhile, there are many singers in the US who talk about their own stories. BTS even boldly touches the subjects which are considered sensitive. I think that is why foreign critics find them refreshing."

Just like this his words, BTS's own image worked in the US. And they are heading to the US on the 19th night to write a new history. Will BTS be able to write a new history as a Korean idol group? Everyone's attention is focusing on them.

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1. This is not something that can be done by anyone. You need to accept this. +4600 -246

2. Billboardㅠㅜㅠ I'm so happy and proud. Please return safely +3335 -206

3. BTS, I'm just really proud of you. Earnest BTS and the strong ARMYs around the world who believe and support BTS! This is the first Billboard entry this yer so let's really definitely win an award next year! aja! aja! +3216 -187

4. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!! Namjoon said we should look forward tomorrow because they will appear really coolly! Wow~~ the time isn't even going fast because I'm excited!!! Bangtan Bangtan BangBangtan!! +2875 -184

5. BTS, I really praise you~~~♡♡♡ +2667 -156

6.  This is really amazing because they are all Korean members and their albums are all Korean ㅠㅠ They didn't do a single promotion in the US and they aren't even a group that was created with the goal to advance to the US. They just made songs that express their own stories and this is working all around the world. And I think the members' good personalities, their politeness and manners and their love for their fans play important roles too... When you look at them for a few days, you'll realize why they are successful ㅠ they are good boys who give good influence to their fans ㅠㅠ I hope they succeed even more. BTSㅠ +740 -27

7. btw, 19 weeks is their previous record. They've been #1 for 26 weeks straight~ +635 -23

8. "Will BTS be able to write a new history as a Korean idol group? Everyone's attention is focusing on them." BTS, fighting +571 -23

9. cool... +526 -15

10. Time, please pass faster. ARMYs are in pain waiting for the Billboard +499 -18

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