[Article] 170523 Hidden KPOP Producer [6] Producer Pdogg who lead BTS's success and winning at the BBMA

BTS took usual steps from the beginning. They didn't "advance to a higher level" with their first song as they began from a small company and not one of the big companies. They captured their growth stories in "school trilogy" and "youth trilogy", drawing a steady growth curve and this is not a usual case in the Korean music industry. Unlike the companies usually managing the SNS accounts, they personally interacted with their fans with messages linked with their own music and this soon became a path that helped the world to learn about BTS. Starting off with "dirtspoon" and winning the "Top Social Artist" award at the Billboard, it seems like they have traveled on a different journey compared to others to reach the flower path.

Naturally, the process of making music for this group was different from other idol groups. The story begins with CEO Bang Sihyuk recruiting Pdogg (Gang Hyowon, 34) through an internet cafe site. He came to Seoul in 2007 from Gyeongnam, Gimhae and focused on sensitive musicians like 8eight, Lim Junghee, 2AM and others but his "history" began when rapper Sleepy found Rap Monster and brought him to the company. The encounter between a producer born in Changwon but believed the root of music started in LA and the talented trainee who was already famous in the underground scene naturally resulted to hip hop.  Their musical boundary continued to expand as they brought in more members like Suga and J Hope in the future.

Pdogg who we met at the Bighit Entertainment workspace in Nonhyungdong, Seoul said, "The musical identity of BTS members were completed to some extent even when I first met them. I majored in music education in university so I did comprehensive theory classes but instead of teaching like a teacher, I try to interact and work together with them. What kind of "effective preparation" did BTS, a group that all members participate in making their songs receive from him? Pdogg has worked in all songs as a producer beginning from "No More Dream" to their recent tracks "Blood Sweat & Tears" and "Spring Day".

Q. How did you proceed with your classes?
A. We often just watch movies or listen to songs together. By watching the movie "8 mile" that deals with the rap battle in Detroit hip hop club, we talk about how rough lyrics are created, and the fashion and lifestyle of hip hop. We find and listen the sampling track used in the films and I give them related assignments.

Q. What kind of assignment would that be?
A. As you know, BTS is a group with a definite growth narrative. In order to express that with music, we go through many discussions. It differs according to songs but we often begin working on the beats to fit the subject of the lyrics. We can't proceed if the beat is bad so each of us writes our beat, listen to them and make adjustments.

Q. How do you divide the roles?
A. Members like Rap Monster and Suga are good in every position. J Hope and Jungkook also know how to make the beat and other members work on songwriting. I mostly work on making the track and I play the role of completing the lyrics and melody written by the members. More than 90% of the lyrics are written by the members themselves.

Pdogg producer said he was sad that he couldn't attend the BBMA with BTS due to the preparation for BTS's Fiesta but he revealed he would work harder to make good music without being taken over by the excitement although he's very proud of the boys. BTS has been revealing surprise contents like music, photos, videos every year on June 13th to celebrate their debut anniversary.

Q. What's different about working together rather than working by yourself?
A. When one works on their own, they express all their feelings into the song but it's easy for one to fall into mannerism. However, by working together you continuously discover things you never expected to find. We choose the best ideas suggested by talented guys so you will have the best ideas in hand. As for "Sping Day", the melody and lyrics written by Rap Monster in just two days were amazing. I did feel a little disappointed by the extreme sleekness but by connecting it with the part (of the track) we received from the foreign composer, the song gained more life and doubled the moving feelings.

Q. If you had to pick a secret behind the success of BTS as a producer?
A. I think the fact that they talk about their own stories play a big role. They don't write the stories they don't know about. "No More Dream" lyrics could sound immature but that is the emotions they felt at that age.  "Move" from "HYYH pt 1" is a song that they made after moving from the dorm they lived for 3 years in real life. Receiving good influence from each other is also an advantage. As for Jin, he was a vocalist and he wasn't one of the members who wrote songs but he finished his solo track despite their hectic schedule. Most of us give up when they are rejected for 20 times but he didn't let go until the end and that moved me.

Q. Were there any critical moment?
A. Every moment was critical. We were worried about how we were going to take the musical changes and growth narrative when we moved on to "Youth" series from "School trilogy". Fortunately, "I NEED U" did well and gave us a momentum but we had so many thoughts so we couldn't even keep up with deadlines. Many tried to stop us even with "Blood Sweat & Tears". Moombahton trap was slowing becoming popular worldwide but many said reggae based songs would be difficult in Korea and many pointed out that it was too different from the hip hop music done by BTS. But we felt like it was something we had to do and it was fortunate that we received good results.

Pdogg who fell in love with hip hop after majoring in vocal music in arts middle and high school said, "There's a part in pure arts where you can't overcome with hard work even when you have 80% of talent. Unlike vocal music which requires a lot of background knowledge when you listen to the songs, hip hop is charming because anyone can easily build a bond of sympathy. There's a somewhat advantage when I write melody line because I can take a more classical approach by using the counter line, etc but Bang Sihyuk PD-nim said I have this strange trot-style in me. I guess it's because I was not born and raised in Seoul?" (laughs)

Global electronic duo The Chainsmokers who also attended the US Billboard Music Awards on the 21st invited BTS to their rehearsal stage and did a surprise meetup. They posted a photo they took together on Twitter and expressed their affection. What could be the next layover of BTS? Pdogg hinted that he's into Kendrick Lamar and Drake these days. "I think they prefer the chill out genre songs that calm your mind as they are tired of the current music. Vintage yet easy to listen to. I recently bought a vintage instrument like Roland JUNO 60 and I'm in love with the unique rough yet warm feeling of analog so I think the sound will change in the future."

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