[Article] 170523 [Report@Star] "The things you should know about BTS" The five points picked by the US Rolling Stone

BTS won the Top Social Artist award at the BBMA. The other nominees for the category are Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes. BTS surpassed other outstanding nominees and seized the trophy.

The US music media Rolling Stone posted a special article about BTS on the 22nd online. Rolling Stone analysed the reasons behind BTS's popularity under the title "BBMA Winners BTS: 5 Things You Should Know About the Kanalyzedsations". 

#BTS write and produce socially conscious K-pop.

Rolling Stone evaluated, " While other K-pop acts focus on songs about heartbreak and partying, BTS have connected with audiences by touching on topics such as mental health (2015 album track "Whalien 52" tackles loneliness), politics (see member Rap Monster's collaboration with Wale titled "Change") and even female empowerment ("21st Century Girl" has been performed on Korean television)." They also added that the members participate in creating their songs which is rare in the KPOP market.

#They've sold out U.S. arenas.

Rolling Stone reported, "BTS had played small theaters on two different American tours, but their 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour saw the band selling out arenas stateside. The tour was originally only set to include three U.S. shows at Newark's Prudential Center, Chicago's Allstate Arena and Anaheim's Honda Center, but after tickets sold out within minutes, two more dates were added in Newark and Anaheim."

# BTS are monster sellers around the world.

They also mentioned the success of BTS's album in 2016. Rolling Stone wrote," 2016 album Wings being Korea's best-selling album of the year, their sales are strong even in territories where fans don't speak their language." and added that they received higher ranks on Billboard chart including other charts in the US, UK, and Japan.

#The odds were stacked against them.

Rolling Stone described, "The odds were stacked against them.". They pointed out that Bighit Entertainment where BTS debuted in 2013, was a small label and entertainment company until BTS succeeded in 2015 with "I NEED U". They also added, "Psy, CL, Wonder Girls, BIGBANG and Girls' Generation – all come from huge agencies like SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment"

#Their social media following is no joke.

They also pointed out that all members stay active on their SNS. Rolling Stone reported, "Twitter (where 5.9 million followers currently see the members posting personal messages, selfies and playlists), Facebook (4.3 million), YouTube (3.9 million), Instagram (3.6 million), plus an additional 5 million on Korea's popular V app". BTS has shown their power with SNS. BTS is the 3rd artist to achieve the most number of #1 on Billboard Social 50 chart after Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, building their way to the Billboard Music Awards.

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1. But they're really daebak when you watch their practice video on Youtube... +894 -35

2. BTS is the real growing idol. They steadily set their goals since debut and they have really achieved all of them (shivers)... They said they wanted to win Daesang and they won it with hard work and just like what they said in their mixtape, they went to the Billboard +836 -31

3. There's nothing to complain even about their pre-debut days and they always practice hard. I think this is why they have many fans +728 -26

4. They climbed all the way here only with effort and determination without those common media plays. There's no reason why they won't be able to stand on the very top and they don't lack in any way because they have the ability  +717 -25

5. They're amazing for real.. I'm proud of them +675 -28

6. Each and every member of BTS is talented and skillful but they are the most humble group that always tells us, "I'm not someone who is special but thanks to our members and fans, I think I was able to reach here" +141 -1

7. I was so happy and proud to be able to hear them speak Korean at the BBMA... They are an artist I look forward to their future... BTS, fighting! +137 -0

8. wow they really chose the best points! Especially "#The odds were stacked against them." the fact that they succeeded even when they aren't from a big company +132 -1

9. You succeed as much as you make effort +131 -1

10. amazing (shivers) I think they'll grow bigger +126 -2

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