[Article] 170526 BTS as the cover model of Japanese magazine "An An". Special edition to release simultaneously for the first time

BTS covered the famous Japanese fashion magazine "An An" as the cover model.

According to Nikan Sports on the 26th, "An An" will release a normal version of the magazine on June 14th and a BTS special version. It's been revealed that "An An" is releasing two versions for the first time.

"An An" featured 22 pages of BTS interview and photo shoot.

On 10th, BTS released their Japanese single "Blood Sweat & Tears". They scored 238,795 Oricon points in the first week of its release, topping the Weekly Single chart.

In just 2 years and 11 months since their debut in Japan, BTS surpassed 200,000 points on the Weekly Single chart and this is a great record by a foreign artist.

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Response +734

1. I think BTS is setting a record every day... It seems like BTS is doing everything that others can't do. I'm proud +626 -7

2. 22 pages~!!! I SHOULD BUY THIS~!! +493 -4

3. BTS fighting +387 -2

4. The cover looks cool~ +362 -2

5. Handsome +332 -3

6. BTS's song was played at US Walmart and I heard they sold the most number of copies on the first day of the release after TVXQ ㅋㅋ They're a superstar +147 -0

7. Walmart tweeted ㅋㅋ I think they said something like they're happy to see people happy to hear BTS's songs? Anyway, they tweeted. This is daebak. Seriously I died laughing while watching the gamer's interview ㅠㅜㅜ +145 -0

8. I see "the first" used a lot in the recent articles of BTS >< I'm really happy and proud of them. I will stay with you until the end. BTS, ARMY, I purple you +113 -0

9. Namjoon, I really respect you +104 -0

10. This is a magazine I want to buy in a while.. I should really buy this +100 -0

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