[Article] 170526 [SC Focus] The new standard of global pop star raised by the SNS generation

On the 22nd, BTS won the "Top Social Artist" award at the BBMA and this can be called one of the issues that happened since PSY's #2 on Billboard Single Chart with "Gangnam Style".

It's not only because they won an award at the BBMA which is a prestigious global awards ceremony. In fact, it's because "Top Social Artist" award itself is a meaningful award at the BBMA including the US music industry.

We can consider that digital music service that has streaming as its base and SNS platforms are the two axes in the present pop music industry. If the digital music service industry provided an opportunity to every user to listen to countless songs for $10 a month,  SNS platforms including Twitter and Facebook provided service for the users to have access to real-time updates provided by trending musicians. It has an incredible far-reaching power.

It's obvious that more profit is promised to musicians who are mentioned more number of times on SNS, as they're likely to trend more. The more they are mentioned, they get various advertising and other offers from companies and they are promised higher profit in the music industry and concert shows. This is why Billboard created the "Social 50" chart since 2010. This chart is a yardstick that shows who is the "hottest" person in the present music industry and how much they're trending on various SNS platforms.

Thus, SNS displays who is the hottest celebrity as of now among the younger generations who are the core users of the platforms. Only the hottest US pop stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and others have topped the chart.

In other words, BTS receiving the Top Social Artist award could be called the proof how viral they are among the younger US users. BTS has been ranking #1 for 26 weeks on the Social 50 chart already from last year til today (May 26th). This chart adds up scores from all SNS including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Sound Cloud, etc run by Korean boy groups so ranking #1 on such chart means a lot. And this is supported by their 4 consecutive entries in the Billboard Chart.

The way Billboard Awards treated BTS also shows how they were judged. BTS played BTS's song during the red carpet and they scheduled the Top Social Artist award ceremony during the second half of the ceremony. This is when they award the major awards.

On this day, fans of BTS gathered at the red carpet and sent them great cheerings. Also, the video of BTS receiving the award shared on Youtube reached 2 million views. This shows that BTS has already become a star who has their position in the SNS era even within the US.

As if to reflect the above statement, US fashion magazine Vogue selected BTS as the best-dressed celebrity at the BBMA and TIMES also chose the winning of BTS as the best moment of BBMA, wittily adding that the worst moment was that BBMA did not include BTS's performance at the ceremony.

BTS's BBMA Top Social Award winning doesn't mean that they merely became a topic in the US. In this present SNS generation we live in, BTS became a pop star who represent this.

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1. I didn't know about BTS well because they didn't appear on variety shows a lot but I learned that they are a very cool group by watching on Youtube. When you begin watching BTS's Youtube videos, time will fly +1551 -50

2. I'm proud of them +1297 -39

3. This article makes me really proud and happy ^^ It doesn't matter if they accept or refuse to accept because this is the fact.. +1184 -33

4. I'm really proud of them~ I'm happy to get the chance to know BTS ^^ +1063 -31

5. BTS, fighting! +966 -27

6. It's been a while since I read a good article. I thought Top Social Award is a small award and expected them to broadcast the award ceremony during the first part of the show but I was surprised when they awarded them at the second half. The venue was filled with loud cheerings when BTS was called out and I really didn't expect that +355 -4

7. I'm so proud to see BTS succeeding by paving their own path ㅎㅎ BTS interacts with fans and that's great too but BTS was able to get where they are now because of their own BTS style music. I hope you will continue to climb higher! +303 -5

8. I became a fan because I could feel their sincerity within their interaction. I will continue to support their goal and dream +293 -3

9. Foreign media report that BTS has everything from live performance, interaction skills, their self-content shows, performance, composing and lyric writing ability, and visual. This makes me proud of them. I think their songs and the collaborations they do will be legendary. For sure! I like this article. I was mad at the article that was posted when they didn't even know about BTS well enough +283 -3

10. When you just look at the title of this article, it feels like BTS only became popular due to SNS. This is the result they achieved by slowly creating a synergy with music, performance, and various other interactions! Fighting to BTS's Austrailia show today~ They won the award this year in the Social category but I dream and wish BTS to really win an award with their music and perform at the BBMA stage next time! +272 -5

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