[Article] 170528 [POP FOCUS] BTS has destroyed the "KPOP" equation, they are now "Pop star"

Boy group BTS is expanding their territory beyond KPOP and as pop stars.

They are a KPOP artist but not KPOP. BTS who won the Top Social Artist award at the 2017 Billboard Awards on 22nd is in that such position. BTS competed against famous pop stars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez and made a splendid achievement.

"Top Social Artist" award chooses its winner based on Billboard "Social 50" chart which ranks artists based on a total number of times the artists are mentioned on SNS platforms famous to Koreans like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other SNS platforms with less Korean users like Myspace, VINE. In other words, the musician who received the hottest response on SNS wins the award. Thus, this award target the worldwide SNS, it's almost impossible for Koreans to be mentioned as many times compared to others.

Furthermore, SNS is mostly used by users between 10~20s and since the pop music industry revolves around these users, SNS is a standard that lets us know who is the most mentioned celebrity in the US today. "Social 50" is the chart people can rely on equally as the music chart when you ask the younger generation "who is the most popular artist right now?" BTS has been ranking No. 1 on this chart for 26 weeks until today (May 28th). This means that they have now become one of the singers who is naturally mentioned in the daily conversation like Justin Biber and Ariana Grande.

The way they're consumed by the users is different too. Other than the case of PSY who gained unexpected fame with "Gangnam Style" that went viral on Youtube, most KPOP musicians spread their influence through KPOP manias in the west. Even the KPOP mania in the US actively spread KPOP on SNS. BTS is mentioned every day as one of the pop star rather than a KPOP star. We see reports like Celine Dion's son revealing he is a fan of BTS, or even teenagers who don't know KPOP are wild for BTS just like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez.

Youtube video clip of BTS receiving the Billboard Award reached 2 million views and major media like Times chose BTS's winning at the BBMA as the best moment and the worst moment as the fact BTS did not get to perform at the BBMA. BTS is not a phenomenon of KPOP but they are a pop star receiving attention from the US media for who they are. They have climbed over the KPOP equation that works to the West.

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1. Seriously BTS is only underestimated in Korea. Of course, people who know about them have been praising them highly since a long time ago but I don't know if it's because of stereotype or the frame they have because they're from a small company but I feel like they're seeing less light compared to their achievement. I hope everyone realize that we should judge them higher by reading what the foreign media and experts report about them because BTS is not a group that became popular thanks to the kpop popularity and they have shattered the cons of KPOP. Also, in order to learn about BTS properly, articles like this is great but I highly suggest you connect with their music or contents. You will learn they are kids who will last for a long time! Thank you for the BTS article :) +1061 -11

2. BTS is the best~~~ +606 -4

3. I'm very very proud. These prettiest, let's only continue to walk on the flower road♡ +540 -4

4. BTS, fighting! As expected, they are BTS. I always purple you +510 -4

5. I think BTS has their own power that's different from the current KPOP. They're not a part of KPOP and I think KPOP is receiving more spotlight because of BTS +170 -1

6. If you think about this, although BTS is a group that's making the greatest records now but you see really little compliments. Korea should give them more attention for them to see more light in other countries. Meanwhile, I think BTS is really amazing for winning the award at the BBMA and to see their popularity rising. They don't appear much on variety shows and unless they're on music shows, it's hard to see them on TV so I think they're really great for slowly building their recognition. They practice hard and they are a group that do their best on every stage so I hope they'll become more successful +161 -0

7. I'm sure they're receiving less attention because they are an idol. You can realize that the reaction we see is different compared to when PSY won the award at Billboard. I'm sad to see them more recognized in other countries compared to their own country. We should be very proud of them being the first KPOP idol singer to win an award at the BBMA. I hope they are recognized in Korea too +159 -2

8. They are popular and recognized in other countries but they're underestimated in Korea. Not just BBMA but everything in general, you don't see much media play ㅋㅋ +150 -1

9. I think foreigners love them too because they're definitely different compared to the present KPOP singers. I personally think their WINGS album has a very high degree of completion even when you compare it with foreign albums and the short films for every member, the profound meanings in their music video and the artistic ability made me admire them a lot +139 -0

10. I hope more people will realize the true value of BTS ㅜㅜ they are really amazing kids.. +129 -1

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