[Article] 170529 BTS "We are Korean singer, we hope we could perform at the next Billboard in Korean"

Rap Monster, "We don't have plans to enter the US. We are Korean singers."

Jimin, "If we can get the chance to perform at the next Billboard, we hope to stand on the stage with our songs in Korean."

BTS who returned home in glory after spreading the status of KPOP around the world is planning to continue standing in front of their fans just how they've always been doing so far. Foreign media even mentioned and compared BTS's winning as the Beatles who created a syndrome in the 60s US. They have risen as a global group but they are determined to not lose their original intention.

A press conference was held on 29th 11 AM at Lotte Hotel Crystal Ballroom in Seoul to celebrate BTS winning the Top Social Artist award at the "2017 Billboard Music Award". V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin and J Hope attended the press conference. Broadcaster Kim Iljoon was presented as the MC.

BTS candidly talked about their thoughts on winning the award, advancing to the US, and their thoughts on the group's success secret. They revealed their determinations, "Rather than advancing to the US, we want to grow constantly and show you better appearances.", "We hope to end the world tour with good health and we will try to return with cool song and cool stage in the second half of the year."

On the 22nd, BTS won the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, US. They received attention as they were the first KPOP group to receive the award.

BTS is a 7 member boy group that debuted in 2013 with "No More Dream" and released many hit songs like "RUN", "FIRE", "Blood Sweat & Tears", "DOPE".

The following is a series of questions and answers we shared with BTS at the press conference.

- How did you feel when they called "BTS"?

J Hope "I am grateful to our fans. I still can't believe it. I wonder if this is real"

Jimin "It was an honor to get the chance to attend the Billboard Awards itself. I can't believe it. I'm grateful to our fans, ARMY"

Rap Mon "This is an award created and given to us by our fans. I'm thankful"

Jungkook "It was an honor to just attend the awards ceremony. I couldn't let go of the nervousness even before they called our team name to the moment we went on the stage. I was happy to get the chance to watch many artists and to enjoy the ceremony together at the venue"

Suga "I feel pressured and worried too but I was dazed and surprised when we actually went there. I was happy to see the artists who I've only seen through screens and be able to win the award made me happy. Drake surprised me a lot."

V "I would like to say thank you to ARMYs around the world. I thought my heart was going to explode when I met many celebrities and foreign singers who I respect at the red carpet. I'm interested a lot in fashion and I was happy when magazines like Vogue and GQ mentioned us."

- Did you expect to win?

Rap Mon "We attended the ceremony thinking it was an honor itself to be invited to the Magenta Carpet. I tried to imagine what the Billboard red carpet would feel like. I could barely keep my senses due to the number of camera flashes. The Billboard Magenta Carpet felt different compared to Korea. Artists and the interviews with reporters felt like a festival. About 100 media waited outside. We interviewed with reporters who asked us. We were asked by many media than we thought. About 10 times more than we imagined. Las Vegas was above 35-degree Celsius so it was hot"

Jin "After the Billboard Awards, I was surprised by the fact we attended a ceremony with so many foreign press and I was surprised when Rolling Stone, press that focuses on pop culture mentioned us. We did an interview in LA after traveling from Las Vegas but I was sad we couldn't do many interviews due to our Australia tour. I'd like to thank the interest shown by the reporters."

J Hope "We appeared on a special show where we taught our choreography and we taught them "FIRE" choreography. I felt honored and delighted because it felt like we were informing KPOP of South Korea."

- It looks like there are possibilities of collaborations with foreign artists.

Suga "The Chainsmokers invited us to the rehearsal. It was interesting. I think we will have a good opportunity"

V "I like Celine Dion and she invited us to the show. We were honored by the invitation she gave us but I'm sad that we couldn't attend to our busy schedules"

- US advance goals?

Rap Mon "Rather than advancing to the US, we believe interacting like this is better. We are Korean singers so we look better singing Korean songs. When I think about it, receiving an award at the Billboard Awards is an unbelievable event and when we think about this by going back to the moment we debuted in 2013, receiving an award at the Billboard was something we never dreamed about. I believe constantly working hard on something we've been doing is what we do."

Jimin "When Rap Mon said the acceptance speech in Korean, I wanted to say a word too. I felt sad. I thought it was cool how he spoke in English and then changed to Korean. I was proud as a Korean singer and when I realized this, I wish we could perform our stage with Korean song when we get a chance to stand there next time.

- One thing BTS is better than Justin Beiber?

Rap Mon "We have 7 members so I think we have a higher frequency?"

Jimin "I think it's consistency. We do it because we want to but we constantly post our photos and videos for our fans who are curious about us."

- Please tell us about BTS's Festa

Jin "It's our festive period. We have prepared many contents just like how we've prepared every year. Please look forward to it"

Suga "It's a period when we release a lot of contents. We have prepared a lot so I'm looking forward to it"

J Hope "Festa is something our members work a lot for. Please anticipate"

- One thing that's different from world star PSY?

Rap Mon "I think he created a worldwide syndrome with his music video and popularity of his contents. I think he's a dramatic and cool case and as for us, we constantly updated on SNS, interacting and supplying contents like BTS's Festa, music and music video, our sincerity expressed with choreography and consistency spread which increased the fandom size in the US and I think that influence made it possible for us to receive the award. I think we can't be compared to PSY hyungnim's scale. We believe we're still in the infancy."

- An episode from times hard times you remember?

Suga "There's a lot. We began from a small company and now we have over 2 million followers but I was really happy when we reached 1000 followers. However, I think BTS was able to build this strong family like bond because we went through many hardships. If we didn't have such moments, I wonder if we could share this sense of fellowship."

Rap Mon "There's a bridge in Gangbyeon Station and I walked over that bridge a year before our debut. I went with my friend yesterday for the first time in 5 years before I remembered this and I told my friend, "When I walked here with Jimin, I told him we should have succeeded when we come back here next time". And before our debut, my friend J Hope and I were eating something at the convenience store in front of our company and talked about if we could make a living when our future looks unclear."

Suga "We had many worries and I remember not being able to sleep due to the unstableness I felt about my future"

- What do you think is the main factor in your success?

Jin "What we thought were that we talk our stories with music, powerful choreographies, fans like watching us growing a step at a time from the bottom, the chemistry between our members that help us to understand what we think by just looking at each other's eyes- I think good result was made by combination of various factors"

Suga "I just took a breath when I went to the bathroom but Jungkook was like "Suga hyung?" This made me realize that we share a quite deep sense of fellowship."

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1. BTS, I always support you~~ +1345 -56

2. Let's perform at the next year Billboard... you can do this.. fighting!! +1189 -52

3. Seriously let's see you guys on stage next year. Let's only walk on Bangtan(bulletproof) road +1058 -50

4. I think it will be clearly possible if you just continue what you've been doing until now because I know how hard you work. I will always support you!! I'm proud of you, BTS +979 -41

5. I'm so so proud. I always support you +879 -36

6. This is my first time being touched by an idol. Even I'm someone who is very proud of our language and they have a beautiful hope to perform at Billboard with Korean song. I support you! +271 -15

7. You can feel how humble they are throughout the press conference +251 -10

8. Rap Monster said, "Rather than advancing to the US, we believe interacting like this is better. We are Korean singers so we look better singing Korean songs. " this is really impressive. I think I know why they can't help but be successful. They know which way they should be heading +231 -7

9. I agree, it looks like Korean singers are the only singers who sing in the language of the country they advance to.. I've never seen singers from other countries singing in Korean when they do concerts in Korea ㅠ we should confidently do it with our language ㅋㅋ +233 -0

10. I'm not a fan but I hope you won't feel too pressured by this Billboard achievement and come back with a good album. Then we'd hear another good new, right? Always fighting! +223 -8

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