[Article] 170529 BTS wins the Billboard award... pioneer of the new Hallyu with SNS

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Group "BTS" became the first KPOP group to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards, one of the three largest music awards ceremony in the US.

They pioneered the new Hallyu through SNS without any foreign member or working along with US companies.

Reporter Shine Kim met with BTS.

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<Record> "The winner is BTS!"

They rose as the most influential artist on global SNS and became the first KPOP group to win the Billboard trophy.

They have thousands and millions of followers on Twitter and Youtube.

From the process of creating KPOP, behind the stage, including the contents created by the members themselves spread on the SNS.

Fans around the world voluntarily translated the contents and shared on SNS.

<Interview> Rap Monster "People who are really far away from us were able to understand what we're saying and what lyrics we're writing quickly, this made me realize that greatness of (social) media."

They did not work with the local entertainment company and even without a foreign member, they became the first KPOP singer to enter the Billboard main chart with 4 consecutive albums.

<Interview> Suga "Through SNS, I believe KPOP singers of Korea are able to receive awards from Billboard today so (I believe) you can achieve good results if you just have good contents."

<Interview> Kim Heonsik (Culture Critic) "They became the role model to show that you can be recognized with the digital resources as the foundation even without a large capital."

The new successful model of native Korean group is showing other possibilities of KPOP.

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1. I'm proud of you, BTS! I wish you will continue to work hard just like now with confidence and always feel grateful without changing... I'm sure your body would be exhausted but I hope you will have more happy things happening to you ㅠㅠ I want to see you guys sharing good influences together for a long long time. I believe you can continue to grow bigger so continue staying humble and remain as the cool and nice BTS of today♡♡ +251 -1

2. their words... why do they speak so prettily? ㅠㅠ I can't help but adore you guys ㅠ +215 -0

3. I was waiting all day when I heard they'd appear on the 9 pm news but they didn't appear in the rural channel ㅜㅜ I was thinking of watching BTS on the national station news ㅜ I'm sad but I hope many people will watch and congratulate them ^^ I'm so proud of BTS and they even spoke so well ~ +208 -1

4. Today was a day filled with BTS pride all day! I'm so proud and happy, BTS ㅜㅜ I hope you will end the Japan tour well too and let's stay healthy every day♡ love you, BTS. Let's continue to run forward together with ARMY! I really love you, BTS +187 -0

5. Love you BTS♡ +158 -1

6. wow is this true that they appeared on the front news of KBS? +36 -0

7. I hoped them to report about their passion and effort for music in-depth... +37 -1

8. I'm so proud and they're the best +28 -0

9. So proud of you, BTS!  +25 -0

10. sincerity works +24 -0

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