[Article] 170531 Suran, "I didn't expect to win #1 on music chart... I told Suga & Changmo, "Do not anticipate"

Singer Suran revealed her thoughts on sweeping the #1 spots on music charts.

On the 31st evening, Suran's first mini album "Walkin'" preview show was held at the M Concert Hall in Gangnam, Seoul.

Suran who swept the music charts recently with "WINE", a collaboration with Suga and Changmo confessed, "When I won the #1 place for the first time, it was something I never imagined".

She revealed, "Suga and trending rapper Changmo helped me but this was a song releasing with my name on it so I told the guys, "I'm not popular so don't anticipate. The song might get poor ranking even if you guys had helped me."

She then continued, "I was also very surprised. It was a ranking I never imagined. Even now I don't feel like it's real so it's really surprising and it's such a grateful event."

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