[Article] 170531 Suran, "My work with Suga isn't a business... I was surprised to rank #1 on music chart"

Sing Suran confessed that she didn't imagine to rank #1 on music charts with her pre-released song "WINE".

On the 31st evening, Suran's first mini album "Walkin'" preview show was held at the M Concert Hall in Gangnam, Seoul.

(T/N: I have left out parts of the article which had been translated already previously here)

Regarding her work with BTS Suga who participated in producing, she smiled and said, "All this progress began while working with Suga. This wasn't for business. I featured in Suga's mixtape and this started our bond and we stayed in touch with musical communication. I used to do music alone before and I thought I can create music by agonizing by myself somewhere very deep. But I was depressed to do music on my own and it was hard for me emotionally."

(T/N: Before I create any misunderstandings, the word "business" is meant to mean something like "a strategy to become famous")

She continued, "Suga was the person who gave me his hand during such time. He suggested we should work on music together. Everything worked because we said let's work with joy. A song with a high degree of completion was produced."

Her title track "1+1 = 0" is a song that captures the meaning of "nothing is left if you work and do more work". It easily and wittily expresses the lives of modern people without time. Dean participated as the producer and featured artist for the song.

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