[PANN] 170427 Drunk today... BTS Suga X Suran X Changmo

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Today (27th) at 12PM, the pre-released song of Suran "WINE (feat.Changmo)", the first outside song produced by Suga!

The encounter of an Egg and Sugar ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(T/N: Suran (수란) is poached egg in Korean)

Suran X BTS Suga "WINE" to release soon... the encounter of Egg and Sugar

#Suran #WINE #feat # Changmo (album jacket model is #YangEugene nim, she got prettily drunk on behalf of me)
May!!  This is the first mini album in my life. I will release one song today before the actual release for you to listen!! Egg & Sugar ㅋㅋ Yoongi... and Changmo-nim, firstly, thank you for working together

So this is how Suran and Suga got to connect musically!!

Last year, Suran helped by featuring the 10th track "so far away" of Agust D (Suga)'s mixtape and I think that is how he got to participate in Suran's album! I'm so happy because they create good music for each other musically ㅠㅠ
you can listen to Agust D mixtape from the link below~


I will recommend you just 5 songs Suga has produced until now!
(I hope you'll listen to just one song at least! Seriously there are so many songs to recommend when someone asks me to recommend BTS songs)

1. Skool Luv Affair album - "Tomorrow"

This is the song that was written by Suga as a trainee right before their debut. The song he personally worked on, even produced was included in this album The groove and noise produced by the cut voice sample excellently matches with the rhythm source. And the still piano sound completed the mysterious vibe. The heart fluttering feels as if the song is running towards the summit, and the explosive guitar instrumental at the end of the song increases the tension. BTS talks about the massive weight of responsibilities in life that approach them as they turn 20.

2. Dark& Wild album - "Let me know"
Suga personally wrote the lyrics on his own, directed the vocals, and led the overall producing. This is a PBR&B genre song and it's special because you can feel the mysterious sentiments and dimensional sound. V's baritone voice lifted the mysterious vibe of the song. The song expressed the emotions that linger around the ex girlfriend with emptiness.

3. HYYH pt 1 "Intro HYYH"
This is the intro song that announces the beginning of [HYYH pt1]. BTS's Suga and composer Slow Rabbit co-produced the song and it captures the confusion and worries faced by young boys who aren't used to the world. Suga used his hobby basketball as the subject for this song. Also, he showed his wits by adding the bouncing sound of basketball, sound of running in the court, and breathing sound to the rhythm.

4. HYYH pt 2 Intro "Never Mind"
This is the intro song that announces the beginning of [HYYH pt2], this song has the blend of the album's pivotal philosophy. Following the intro of [HYYH pt 1], Suga was in charge of the intro for this album. If the previous intro had expressed the confusion and worries experienced by the young boys, this intro spurs these youths to not mind about the failure and frustrations because they're not worth and they should move forward more during such situations. It's an intense hip hop track that has elements of rock. The hook by rapper line like "Step on harder if yu think you're going to crash", "Never Mind" pulls a strong thrill from the listeners. Also, he used the actual concert sound effect from BTS's concert and this moved the listeners making them feel like they're in the middle of the concert hall.

5. WINGS "First Love"
Suga's solo track "First Love" co-produced by Suga and composer MISS KAY is a hip hop track that boasts piano instrumental and a grand string ochestra sound. The song begins with a serene rap and turns intense as the song reaches the latter half. It's like scenes of a movie changing as the ochestra and rap verses change the flow. The oriental piano strings create a mysterious yet grand vibe. Suga who began music with piano as a child and his fiery passion for music can be felt in this song.


feat. Changmo

prod. Suga (I will attach 3 photos of him because I'm a BTS fan)

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Response +1093 -91

1. wow I honestly underestimated BTS's talent until now.. I approve of this song. I'm listening to this all day today! I just thought BTS as a trend idol group but I can feel their steps as artists~ Please show us good performance in the future! +334 -16

2. Yeah, I agree. I'm not even a fan of BTS but I don't get why they're bashed ㅋㅋㅋ it's not like they're a group who became big with their company's support by appearing on CFs and variety shows. They are focusing on their work but why are they bashing them just because they're an idol group? I think they're nice~~ In my opinion, they are one of the group along with Big Bang, Highlight, Block B, Winner and other groups who broke the stereotype of idols~~ the song is nice~ Suran has been daebak as always +318 -15

3. this is the time to use this meme +270 -10

4. I listened to the song because this was a new entry on the chart and this song really struck my heart and taste. The melody is especially mysterious... I didn't know that Suga even produced songs but he's really amazing +99 -7

5. sh*t when I saw the title "Never Mind" I was like "can't be?" but I looked up the lyrics and it's BTS's song for real? I f*cking didn't know this. I heard this song on Youtube as the bgm of that basketball animation video and I kept watching it and heol +95 -0

6. really.. Suga-nim thank you for composing and producing a song that perfectly fits Suran unnie ㅠㅠ wow.. I disliked BTS but... I think I'm going to listen to all the new songs you'll release from now ㅠㅠ +86 -9

7. wow I went to look for the video of Never Mind on Youtube after reading the lyrics in this post and I watched the live performance from their concert? and I'm someone who is clueless about rap but although he sounds like he's thoughtlessly throwing his verse out, he sounds accurate and so refreshing ㅋㅋ daebak he's so cool. I think I'd get goosebumps if I watched their live performance and most of all, I really love the lyrics +80 -0

8. I'm a fan of a different genre and after listening to BTS's album tracks by chance, I really couldn't close my mouth. the lyrics are just;; so refreshing. I don't know how they manage to write such classy lyrics. especially that "clap, clap, clap, please go on and continue doing that" part is just...woah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I even looked it up after listening. The lyrics written by Suga makes me think that he's just an idol from outside. Anyway, their songs aren't about obvious love stories which I really loved ㅋㅋ BTS, I praise you +73 -0

9. but this shows that BTS is dope ㅋㅋㅋ I knew they were good dancer, singer, and rapper but he's good at rapping too (shivers) honestly, we should praise him for this +72 -0

10. first of all, I was surprised to hear that Suga produced this song +72 -7

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