[PANN] 170506 The fact they recruited Jimin as the last members is...

Isn't it a God's move? Am I the only one who thinks Park Jimin is lately the fan recruiting fairy?ㅠ 
Park Jimin has too many charms and I think that's a problem
짐빠답 (JimBbaDap/ no answer/exit once you fall for Jimin) is the new word after 민빠답 (MinBbaDap/ no answer/exit once you fall for Min Yoongi)...
Jimin catches attention on stage and then I think he recruits fans with his daily cuteness
People said Jimin is a hard worker. They said his talent improved rapidly and that was how he joined BTS. Thank you for adding our cool member as the last member 


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Response +47 -3

1. I agree and you can really see him improving fast even after the debut. His effort and talent are both really amazing. Seriously it was a Godly move. +3 -1

2. Right. Seriously you can never tell Park Jimin is the last member to join the group because he's good in singing, and dancing. Honestly, I'm attracted to Park Jimin recently.... his eyes are charming and I think there are many muggles recruited by him too. In conclusion: Bighit, I love you +2 -1

3. right, I think he would have danced and sung really hard... +2 -1

4. I fell in love with Park Jimin with his unique sexy voice during the intro of Blood Sweat & Tears. I'm sure there are others like me +1 -0

5. seriously recruiting Park Jim was a godly move by Bighit... +1 -0

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