[PANN] 170510 Do you think Jin is f*cking handsome?

The Japanese version of BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears"

He has gained my attention

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Response +616 -269

1. I'm a fan from another fandom but I think he'd hit daebak when he acts +123 -24
ㄴ he's f*cking sh*t handsome +3 -0
ㄴ awkward Jin is now gone +7 -1
ㄴ I think awkward Jin has disappeared but sexy cutie ahjae appeared instead..? hmm? +1 -0
ㄴactually, Jin was planning to become an actor ㅋ but Bighit put him to BTS when they were going to debut. So I remember Jin saying he never knew he was going to be walking in this path even during their very first reality show? anyway, he said he was doing something he didn't prepare for. I'm from another fandom but this is what everyone can know, right? or am I just interested a lot? +15 -0
ㄴ the prove it (t/n that commenter 1 isn't an ARMY) +0 -3

ㄴwill this do? +3 -0

2. his songs are f*cking good but his acting is no joke too? +113 -17

3. f*cking handsome +107 -19

4. not only his face. insane shoulders + he's not bossy even when he's the eldest his chemistry with the maknae... + eats well + baby face & ahjae gag. these things kill me +55 -0

5. I was forcefully dragged by my friend to see BTS but Jin is f*cking handsom. I thought he tore from a romance comic. Not only Jin. They all look handsome. They look different in real life and camera anyway Jin is f*cking handsome. I got f*cking excited and thanked my friend for taking me to see them +45 -4

 6. he's really handsome. for real +37 -2

7. they said BTS fandom is an elementary fandom ㅋ thanks for seeing me as a young face who is 10-something years younger than my actual age ^^ yahoooooo +32 -0

8. Film major Actor Kim, please debut +31 -1

9. he's just handsome +28 -1 

10. seriously Kim Seokjin.... +26 -2

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