[PANN] 170510 sh*t this is insane

wow oh sh*t this gave me goosebumps wait omg wait

f*ck so some said the above photo is his fantasy and the below one is the reality...
that is why he isn't holding an arrow. In reality, he's the human dart... wow sh*t

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1. so that was how the other boys bullied Taehyung????? so is that why Taehyung said "why are you doing this to me only?" and although Seokjin doesn't like to bully Taehyung, he hits him because of the other boys and is that why he told him he's sorry???? mental breakdown  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +36 -0

2. I saw something similar too. They said the Japanese version of Blood Sweat & Tears is the reality and the Korean version is the illusion? kind of thing...! +32 -0

3. sh*t this must be why the paint splattered on Taehyung sh*t this is crazy +30 -0

4. They bully Taehyung, the devil (the one that is tempting them) but then Taehyung shows his true colors and corrupts the others as well and I think Seokjin also stabbed him +13 -0

5. So Blood Sweat and Tears was a horror??? goosebumps +8 -0

6. I think Jin is trying to kill and hide one of his ego (Taehyung) by using his another ego (Hoseok) but eventually that ego (Taehyung) wins and I think he comes out so Jin beats him and apologizes but Taehyung still retaliated.... like you have the angel and devil fighting inside you and the good tries to control the bad but bad eventually takes over...? +7 -0

7. I don't think they're bullying him but when Taehyung walked out by himself while rubbing his eyes as if he was bored. He was just pretending to be scared when he wasn't +5 -0

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