[PANN] 170525 Even International ARMYs are mad about only Korea staying quiet;;

Don't you think this is somewhat a disgrace to our country?
Korean singer is praised, recognized, and called cool outside the country but why is Korea so quiet...
They worked hard to let the world know about Korea but all they get is "You're an idol"?
If you look at the articles and news broadcasted and posted until now (in other countries), they are from the big media companies
I honestly didn't even anticipate to see news about BTS going to attend the BBMA. Because they are Asians and I thought they wouldn't be interviewed since they belong to the minority group, okay? 
But I'm speechless by a number of interviews poured to us these days....
This is my hope but I really can't help but hope they'd do a few interviews when they return to Korea ㅠㅠ

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1. The country would have gone f*cking crazy if this was about movies... musicians, especially idols are looked down to a ridiculous point in Korea;; they have no idea who actually spread KPOP.. I'm dumbfounded +45 -0

2. You can consider this simply. Imagine what would have happened if a rookie who isn't well known by the public but from one of the 3 big companies achieved something like this at the BBMA? They would have created a scene for days using this. Agree? I don't think they're sleeping on BTS because they're idols. People like myself, the ones who are considered quite old go "woaaaahh~" when someone mentions "Billboard" and there aren't any great issues in the entertainment industry so do you really think it's possible that a good achievement like this can be ignored like now? I think it's going to be easier to understand if you consider that the media companies are playing the "timing game" just like politicians. +44 -0

3. I saw it on Youtube too; they said Korean media companies are blocking BTS articles because they have connections with the big entertainment companies ㅜ I think the international ARMYs will soon realize how dirty the Korean media companies are. I wish bigger US media like Times or Billboard would point this out and write an article about this. Then they (Korean media) will realize how embarrassing this is +40 -0
ㄴ but let's not mention something that we're not 100% sure about +4 -0

4.  I know we're careful when we talk about such thing but I'm sure most of us have thought that the big 3 companies do care about them. Do you really think they're keeping quiet because they're only an idol group? I'm pretty sure the main pages would be filled with news regarding their achievement if an idol from the big 3 company achieved this, don't you think? You know that the big 3 do have the power to control and block things like this +18 -0

5. There's no proof that they are affected by the big companies and most of all, this makes it sound like our company is small and powerless. I think our company is the best company among all the groups' companies I've stanned so far. Most of the time when the government changes, entertainment news don't get much spotlight during the early days +14 -0

6. Even I think this is a blocking caused by connections. Honestly, even on the day of BBMA more articles came up and it seemed like the media companies were reporting about this a lot but then they all died out +13 -0

7. Yeah, it feels like there's almost no media play and they're being underestimated? honestly, he Billboard title is amazing but since they're an idol from a small company, it does feel like they're not being recognized +12 -0

8. I wonder if this would have happened if the idol from a big company achieved this. I don't believe there are any connections playing role in this but I'm mad +12 -0

9. Famous news shows like Kim Hyunjung's News Show that deals with current affairs did an interview with Namjoon and even famous current affair podcast show also talked about BTS and BBMA. They also praised about the socially aware lyrics of BTS. Honestly, they are shows that never talk about celebrities because they only deal with social, politics, and current affairs and there are quite a number of normal articles too. Let's try to not complain a lot. First of all, the boys aren't even in Korean right now and if they were, I think they could have appeared on 8 or 9 O'clock news +11 -0

10. Try to imagine how weird this is for the foreigners to wonder "why is Korea so quiet?" "Why aren't they reporting all over?". I read somewhere that they're being mistreated;;; And many said they should be treated with more respect in Korea and I also saw a video clip of a foreigner searching the articles on Korean portal sites like Daum and Naver -_- even they think this is weird even in their eyes +9 -0

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