So I asked Eppis on PANN if they'd like to send messages to International Lovelies!
(이삐/Eppi means "pretty person" and it's a satoori word used by Jimin to call ARMYs) 

Let's stay strong, never give up and vote wisely using the correct hashtag!
Because we're going to stop today! NOT TODAY!


1. Please tell (our) International Lovelies that I love them... and please tell them "thank you for always working hard" ♡ +2 -0

2. Thanks always... I wish I could meet International Lovelies when I visit abroad later. +1 -0

3. I really love how we, K-fans and International fans unite well and trust each other compared to other fans ㅠㅠ In the process of BTS solidifying their position and growing as a global singer, I think our International Lovelies played a big role. Not only BTS but you guys are a very, very important existence to other Korean idols too. Let's continue work together as BTS's fan and become happy ARMYs♥ Love you♥ - Please tell them this... is this too long... but I had a lot of things to say ㅠㅠ +1 -0

4. I'm sure there's a limit to working hard for BTS from other countries but thanks for always doing your best. From streaming music videos and trending hashtags... I'm sure BTS is able to fly high like this thanks to International ARMYs. Let's put a bigger set of wings on BTS so they could fly at an untouchable height. I love you, International ARMY♥ +1 -0

5. Thank you so much. I really thought International Lovelies were a distant and an uncomfortable relation but thanks to BTS, I learned how important you are to us. Some of your hard work you do across the ocean and far away might not be noticed but thank you so much for working hard to support BTS as one. Thank you so so much and I love you!! +1 -0

6. Thank you for loving our BTS~ I hope we, who unite as one because of BTS to be happy 

7. Please tell them that I'm thankful to them always supporting BTS! +1 -0

8. Please tell them "Thanks for always supporting them and I'm so happy to belong in ARMY with them and I hope we can continue to stay together~" +3 -0

9. I hope all ARMYs no matter where they are from continue to fly high for a long long time together with BTS♡ +1 -0

10. We're not strangers~ (we're one) 

11. You never walk alone❤️

12. Thank you so much for always working hard to let more people know about BTS and for liking them. Please eat well and I hope you won't be sick. I love you, International Lovelies  ㅠㅠ ♡♡

13. I'm sure even BTS kind of looks forward to get the chance to stand on Billboard stage so let's work together so we can make this possible! Let's fighting together♥ 

14. Thank you so much. If fans around the world didn't come together and join forces, this would have been difficult to achieve but all fans around the world are working hard so let's fighting until the end ㅜㅜㅜ please tell them this

15. ♥I LOVE YOU♥

16. Please tell them that I'm always grateful to them and although we speak different languages, I'm so surprised and happy to unite as one because we all like BTS. As long as we stay together, our future will be filled with Spring Days ㅠㅠ

17. I can't express with words ㅠㅠ hmm... I'm always grateful and of course, BTS and K ARMYs are aware of you working hard to support them from far and this really gives BTS a lot of strength... Wherever you might be in this world, we're all same ARMY so let's cheer for each other and stay together forever with BTS ♡ thanks 

18. Although we're from different countries and speak different languages, thank you so much for loving BTS just like us and let's continue to lead a happy fan life!!

19. Firstly, I'm very surprised to see us becoming one because of our singer and I'm so grateful and I love you!! And let's vote well for this Billboard Awards so we can create an unforgettable memory for our Bangtans! Love you!! (And I heard there are many Eppis using the wrong hashtag so please try to spread the message ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ)

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