[Article] 170531 [HD Photo] "All-kill with his gaze" | BTS "V"

Who :  BTS V

When : 2017. 5. 21

Where : US Lav Vegas MGM Hotel

What : 'Attending the BBMA

Credit : Dispatch reporter Kim Minjung

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1. ah he's really very handsome ㅜㅜ BTS fighting!! +1090 -44

2. These guys have great personalities, teamwork and I like them because they're playful and I think these are their charms but the first thing this group really have is talent~~!! +933 -30

3. heol.. f*cking handsome +892 -34

4. heol he's really handsome  +850 -33

5. he's really handsome +773 -32

6. I wasn't interested in idols at all besides actors and I began to like idol because of V. He's handsome but he has a puppy like personality and he's just born to be an idol +433 -14

7. he looks like an icy handsome in the photo but his real personality is so naive and pure... the gap is extraordinary ㅋㅋ +396 -10

8. Some of you misunderstand and think he got plastic surgery done because he's handsome but he had a high nose bridge since his baby photos throughout elementary, middle and high school years and he looks exactly like his baby photos  +366 -11

9. ah why do I like this guy so much ㅜㅜㅜㅠ +372 -17

10. ohhh the main page looks bright +341 -8

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