[Article] 170601 [MD Japan] BTS to throw the opening pitch for Japan Pro Baseball game at the Koshien Stadium on 2nd

Group BTS will be throwing the opening pitch for the Japan Pro Baseball game.

According to Universal Japan on  May 31st, BTS will throw the opening pitch for the baseball match between Hanshin Tigers and Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters on June 2nd at the  Koshien Stadium.

BTS began their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR ~JAPAN EDITION~ tour on May 30th in Osaka, Japan. They are scheduled to perform 13 shows in toal until 2nd of July in Sapporo.

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1. As ARMY, I feel proud to watch BTS rise high as much as they had worked hard. I will always cheer you to finish the remaining tour safely and successfully!! +193 -0

2. Daebak~♡ +153 -0

3. Throwing the opening pitch at the baseball game in Japan! Indeed!! +146 -0

4. woah please do well at the opening ceremony and I hope you will stay healthy every day until the end of the tour +138 -0

5. as expected from BTS~ they are the trend~ they will continue being popular~ +138 -0

6. they are insane, they are insane. everyone's inviting them. I hope you will stay healthy every day and please don't pass out +30 -0

7. cool~ they'll be throwing the opening pitch~!! >_< +29 -0

8. Will BTS wear the baseball uniform??? (collapses +28 -0

9. BTS who is famous even in Japan❤ Do well at the concerts and please come back safely +25 -0

10. our babies are cool +25 -0

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