[Article] 170603 [Hollywood Report] Charlie Puth, "I just like BTS... I wish I could meet Jungkook

Pop singer Charlie Puth mentioned group BTS.

During a recent telephone interview with a press, Charlie Puth said, "I just like BTS. I like BTS and Jungkook. I just like them. I think they are an amazing group."

Charlie Puth also expressed his affection saying, "I mispronounced Jungkook's name before. I wish I could meet them sometime. I'd like to apologize to him."

Previously, Jungkook has uploaded his cover of Charlie Puth's hit song "We don't talk anymore". Charlie Puth has expressed his gratitude to his cover.

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1. I hope the two of you get to meet +459 -6

2. neuuuuu ㅠㅠ Charlie Puth said he likes BTS Jungkook ㅠㅠ Jungkook is now a successful fanboy ♡ +434 -2

3. I'm looking forward to their collaboration ㅋㅋ +372 -2

4. heol Charlie and Jungkook... insane... +342 -3

5. I really love thisㅠㅠ We Don't Talk Anymore 2 Jimin~~  +272 -22

6. I wish they could sing together ㅠㅠ I'll look forward to your collaboration!!! Jungkook must be happy ㅎㅎㅎ +89 -0

7. Our Kookie has really grown a lot ㅜㅜ +83 -0

8. Jungkook's cover of We Don't Talk Anymore is really daebak... +86 -2

9. "I just like BTS... I wish I could meet Jungkook in person" ---> that's how we feel too... +74 -0

10. even i just like BTS... +73 -0

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