[Article] 170604 [HD Photo] "Visual of lead male character from Manhwa" | BTS Jungkook

Who : BTS Jungkook

When : 2017. 5. 21

Where : US Las Vegas MGM Hotel

What : Attending the Billboard Music Awards

Credit : Dispatch Kim Minjung reporter

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1. Jungkook has really pretty eyes... I think I know why Seokjin said his eyes look like Bambi's +2405 -89

2. heol he's so cute. baby rabbit❤ +1877 -71

3. Jungkook is good at singing, dancing, and he's cute and handsome but he's so hilarious too ㅋㅋㅋ he's a real Golden Maknae +1740 -58

4. aigooo he's handsome +1742 -66

5. Jungkook ㅠ +1457 -56

6. It's really surprising how young boy-like charms and adult sexiness coexist in Jungkook... seriously it's so surprising when you watch their stages. How could he have such different aura. He's like a real baby rabbit who doesn't care what happens tomorrow when he's with his hyungs (T/N: Bullying/joking with his hyungs without thinking the consequences XD) but he's so sexy like an adult in Blood Sweat & Tears and Fire stages... Jungkook, I really care about you ㅠㅠ +870 -23

7. sh*t he's f*cking handsome... the photo is so HQ ㅋㅋㅋ +705 -21

8. I think Jungkook's no makeup face and makeup face looks very different... he's sexy and overflows with oppa charms when he has his makeup done but he's a real baby with his makeup ㅎㅎ +686 -21

9. Jungkook is so pretty and handsome♡♡ congrats to BTS again for winning at the BBMA and let's be more successful! I love you ♡♡ +607 -18

10. aigoo he looks like a baby... +559 -15

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