[Article] 170606 [Lesson Interview] Vocal trainer Kim Sungeun "I have two jobs... Even a small stage makes me happy"

She's more familiar to us as "Teacher Sungeun", the vocal trainer of Produce 101 rather than her full name "Kim Sungeun".  Her stage name "AG Sungeun" sounds much more unfamiliar to us. "Please feel comfortable to call me Teacher Sungeun".

Vocal trainer Kim Sungeun (37) has an impressive résumé. She trained BTS until they debuted and she is the vocal teacher of popular girl group TWICE. She has participated to direct the first album of Sam Kim and other singers. She is a celebrity trainer who is recognized for her talent in the industry. 

(T/N this is not a translation of the complete interview)

She said she greatly wishes her young students to grow up as happy adults before becoming successful idols. "It's a harsh world for the younger friends to endure. I recently told this to BTS Jin. I told him that I wished him to become a joyful adult and that I hoped he would enjoy his life as an adult while being a wonderful musician. He then told me not to worry."

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