[Article] 170608 BTS "Save ME" - "Not Today" MV hit one hundred million views in a row

BTS's "Save ME" and "Not Today" MVs reach 100 million views in a row on Youtube.

BTS's "Save ME" and "Not Today" music videos surpassed 100 million views in a row.

Music video of "Not Today", the non-title track from BTS's "WINGS Extension" released in February reached 100 million views on Youtube at 8am on the 8th after 109 days since the release of the music video.

"Save ME" music video from their special album "Young Forever" released last May reached 1 million views on Youtube at 8:44am on June 3rd.

This makes BTS own 6 music videos with 100 million views including "DOPE", "FIRE", "Blood Sweat & Tears", "Boy in Luv", "Save ME" and "Not Today".

BTS's "Save ME" is a song with impressive sentimental vocals and refreshing sounds combined with the lyrical melody. "Please give me that hand, save me" created sympathy and talked for the youths wandering in this shattered reality. 

Moreover, BTS's "Not Today" is a that follows the intense and energetic sounds like "FIRE" and "DOPE". This was also the fastest KPOP group's video to reach 20 million views. When the music video was released it topped the iTunes music video chart in the US, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to continue their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR ~JAPAN EDITION~ until early next month.

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1. wow! Save me and Not Today are great songs. There might be people who don't know the song but there aren't any who've just listened to it only once... +321 -2

2. Six music videos... BTS is so cool~~~ Let's climb higher~~ +276 -1

3. Congrats BTS. BTS fighting +251 -1

4. They are cool^^♡♡♡ +231 -1

5. I'm proud of my singers. Congrats and purple you +215 -2

6. Congrats... Not Today is a really good song +65 -0

7. That's because the songs are great (shivers) they are the Youtube King ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +67 -1

8. I really love Save ME. Congrats congrats +64 -0

9. BTS, I support you always. Fighting! +64 -0

10. The class of surpassing 100 million views for nontitle tracks~ proud, proud +66 -1

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