[Article] 170609 [Music Watch] BTS V released his first produced song "4 O'clock". "The sensitivity that's too good to listen for free"

It's a sensitivity that's too good to listen for free. Group BTS (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J Hope, V, Jimin, Jungkook) presented a special gift for their fans to celebrate their 4th debut anniversary.

BTS members V and Rap Monster released a new song "4 O'clock" on June 9th.

In general, singers release their new songs on various online music sites where listeners have to pay for the songs or release their songs in forms of physical album copies but "4 O'clock" was neither released on online music sites or in album forms. Instead, BTS revealed the track for free on BTS's official Twitter, blog, and Sound Cloud. BTS has been constantly releasing their self-composed songs or covers of other singers' songs during their trainee days even before the official debut of BTS using this method to interact with their fans. 

This new song is much more meaningful because it's a gift-track the members have prepared with devotion for their fans to celebrate their anniversary. BTS has presented various contents on June 13th every year since their debut to celebrate their debut anniversary under the title "BTS Festa". They're not merely presenting one gift on their debut day. They mass share behind cut videos, songs and various other unreleased contents to celebrate the cozy party together with their fans. 

As for this year, the party began since the 1st of June and they've shared contents almost every day and the party will continue until the 14th.  Previously, Jungkook and Jimin released the cover of singer Charlie Puth's hit song "We Don't Talk Anymore", proving BTS's vocal line's true value. They also shared choreograph practice videos recorded at a basketball court and practice room, showing off their splendid performances. BTS is scheduled to release "BTS KKul FM 06.13", a video they've been releasing annually where we get to watch the members' honest talk, and they will hold ARMY 4th Fanmeeting event on 13th, the day of their debut anniversary at the Woori Finance Art Hall Olympic Park in Seoul. 

Rap Monster and V united as producers to complete this track. SHAUN and others helped with arranging the song. The song captures the dreamy and cozy sentiments. Lines like "One day, I wrote a long, long letter to the moon / It would not be brighter than you But I lighted a small candle" , "Following into the deep night The sound of you singing Brings the red morning", "The dawn passes And when that moon falls asleep The blue shade that stayed with me disappears" are said to help the listeners relate to the song with lyrics any one of us could have experienced at least once in our lifetime.

Rap Monster has been already recognized for his producing ability. He was an underground rapper, passed the Bighit Entertainment trainee says and debuted as the leader of BTS.  He didn't only produce BTS hit songs but he has worked on his solo mixtape tracks, worked on the collaboration songs with Warren G and Wale as a producer. He played the leading role even while they worked for "4 O'clock" with V.

Meanwhile, the musical growth of V is attracting the public gaze. He participated as a lyricist, composer for "Hold Me Tight", a non-title track from BTS's "HYYH pt 1" and worked together with Slow Rabbit Pdogg, BTS members Suga, Rap Monster, and J Hope. He also composed and wrote the lyrics of "Stigma" from their second full album "WINGS", working together with Philtre, Slow Rabbit, Bang Sihyuk to complete the song but this is the first time he has released a self-composed song as the producer. During his interview with atstar1  last July, he revealed, "I am constantly working on a song that will be liked by our fans" and he has kept his promise in about a year. 

Even his vocal capability has grown equally. He has presented his gentle voice to the listeners with cover songs "Someone like you" and "Hug me" but he was often in charge of intense parts in BTS's title tracks. He has captured the listeners' ears with his amply charming, and uniquely clean voice that isn't so well known to many. 

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