[Article] 170613 [SE★Project①] "Global Star leap" BTS style "interaction" that led the fandom

When BTS debuted in 2013 not many predicted they'd be as successful as they are today. Back then it was true that BTS's musical core "hip hop" genre made people question if this could bring success to an idol. It was the reality of the KPOP industry that unless they're an idol from the so- called big 3 companies (SM, YG,JYP), success was as difficult as a camel going through the eye of the needle. 

But the prediction made by the many was merrily proved wrong and BTS has grown up as "national team" level idol. BTS's popularity in the overseas was revealed especially more directly. BTS's second full album "WINGS" entered the "Billboard 200" at No. 26 which is the highest record achieved by a Korean singer. This force was continued and BTS was chosen as the final winner of "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. They were recognized for their influence as global stars.

The "Top Social Artist Award" won by BTS determines the winner by reflecting the "Billboard Social 50" chart and the SNS votes. Justin Bieber has been the exclusive winner for the award for 6 years since it was created in 2011.

BTS's winning feels like a dream even now because even the many singers who knocked on the US market door did not achieve any result like this. Of course, singer PSY's "Gangnam Style" was chosen as the "Top Streaming Song Video" back in 2013 but it wasn't an official category that invited him at the award stage.

If so, what could be the underlying source of their power that made it possible for BTS to achieve this blinding achievement? Many chose the fact that the group communicated notably on SNS and online platforms compared to the other "Top Social Artist" nominees. 

Ever since the early days of their debut, BTS has stayed active on SNS accounts and constantly created contents through personal broadcasts. They did not only communicate directly. BTS members shared special photos and videos which weren't revealed before on their SNS account and interacted with their fans enthusiastically.

For example, the 77 seconds long video uploaded last March by Jungkook with the message "Happy birthday Suga" (슈가 생일 ㅊㅋ) caught our attention. Contents like these are beyond specific stratum or location and demonstrated bigger influence as they combined with the tendency of music market which is consumed in real time via Youtube and SNS.

Their fandom that was produced with these factors grew in all aspects including size and solidarity as time passed and this became BTS's powerful weapon. BTS members who felt the power of communication through a series of process are planning to constantly continue their communication with fans even in the future.

The musical world preferred by BTS combined with their solid talent also helped them to succeed. BTS is a group with all members skilled in composing, lyric writing and producing selected "Youth" as their theme and formed sympathy with people who are living in the same generation as themselves through their storytelling. When many idols choose "love song between male and female", BTS focused on "social phenomenon" or "reality" as their subject.

An official from gayo industry who wished to stay anonymous explained, "BTS's broad and continuous communication that is clearly different compared to other singers is the characteristic. Through precise storytelling the group has been showing us since their debut, BTS's identity transformed and improved inside consistency instead of diversity."

BTS's company Bighit Entertainment also commented, "It's important that they constantly communicated with the fans around the world through SNS. Together with this, the members' chemistry, trendy music that's comfortable to listen to the Western market, the performance unique to KPOP, achievements made by the group's senior singers and many characteristic combined and affected them."

As mentioned previously, BTS's hip hop based sound and familiar sound to the international fans were combined with the perfect group choreography that is known as the characteristic unique to KPOP. Overall, BTS's success was created by fusing universality and rarity in top form.

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1. Congrats on your 4th anniversary :) Although they're on tour, BTS still came to Korea to celebrate the 4th anniversary with fans and prepared an event so they can spend time with fans. This is why I can't help but like them. Let's continue to stay together♥ +285 -1

2. "Through precise storytelling, the group has been showing us since their debut, BTS's identity transformed and improved inside consistency instead of diversity."... This is one of the many reasons why I support BTS.. +268 -0

3. Definite identity! BTS is the best even when we only consider how much they communicate with their fans!! +234 -0

4. BTS, congrats on the 4th anniversary. ARMY and BTS will continue to stay together +211 -0

5. #4yearswithBTS Congrats on the 4th anniversary~~ +199 -0

6.  There aren't any idol who constantly talk tell us their stories like them. Even when they make one song, they still explain to us during what situation this song was created, what was said by someone and how it influenced to create that song,  how they were troubled when it wasn't easy to create the song and how they overcame such situation to reveal the track. Listening to the explanation of the album production process is my favorite part ㅎ +52 -0

7. It's not easy to be loved like this by the singer you like. I'm always grateful and sorry. +50 -0

8. BTS made impossible possible... amazing~~ they dominated the opponent with their rap, dance, and song~~ +46 -0

9. Debut anniversary Home Party even when they're on tour♡ BTS let's stay healthy every day. Congrats on the 4th anniversary +44 -0

10. Guys, congrats on the 4th anniversary +39 -0 

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