[Article] 170616 [Point 1 Minute] Sung Dongil's sudden phone call with BTS, "Hallyu level connection"

Sung Dongil called BTS V.

On the 16th evening broadcast of tvN variety program "Shake Up The Classroom", Sung Dongil made an impromptu phone call to BTS V.

When the American students revealed they liked EXO and BTS, Sung Dongil boasted that he was close with EXO Do Kyungsoo. After mentioning that he was also close with actors Jo Insung and  Lee Kwangsoo, he made a phone call.

Sung Dongil called none other than BTS V. American student who was a fan of BTS said, "I love you" and expressed how surprised and moved he was. This student surprised everyone for singing along BTS's song with accurate Korean pronunciation.

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Response + 108 -8

1. I think BTS is more popular in other countries compared to Korea +472 -18
ㄴI was really surprised when I found out they were so popular even in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Bosnia while I was travelling ㅋ but I don't know the members of BTS
ㄴ you're right, that's because there are many people in Korea who get salty and diss others when some express how much they like someone/something. As you can tell from the previous comments ㅋㅋ BTS was all over in the US. Billboard, Vogue, various radios and TV shows went crazy fro them but I don't think I saw any BTS articles in the top article section on Nate. Articles of other celebrities' Instagram updates, variety show appearances appear often get featured but I guess BTS suffers loss because their company isn't a major 
ㄴ they are now one of the popular groups even in Korea

2. I knew they were popular but they were a global star... handsome... +389 -21

3. As expected they're different after returning from Billboard +45 -2

4. As expected from BTS +42 -2

5. BTS is amazing... +38 -2

6. I guess they got close by recording Hwarang. Mr. 김스치면인연 +37 -2

(T/N: Kim Seuchimyeoninyeon) Kim (his surname) + Seuchimyeoninyeon (from Converse high,  "When you brush by its fate"- meaning he gets close with (almost) every one he walks passes by)

7. I visited Rio during the Olympic as a business trip and I wore a top with KOREA printed on the back and the local teenagers continuously asked me if I knew BTS so I just said "My best friend" and they went crazy ㅋㅋㅋ +34 -2

8. Compared to BTS's overseas popularity, I think they don't have many articles or media play in Korea. Is it because their company isn't one of the major ones? +33 -1
ㄴ the company really doesn't do any media play
ㄴ they don't often appear on variety shows because they have their own contents and the company doesn't media play like other companies...

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