[Article] 170619 [X's Issue] NU'EST climbs back on the chart, even fulfilling BTS's dearest wish... they did it in 4 years

Boy group NU'EST sheds new light. This is the influence of Mnet "Produce 101 - Season 2". In the midst of this, the fact that BTS had also highly praised NU'EST's old song "Hello" in the past is gaining attention belatedly.

BTS mentioned NU'EST when they appeared on Mnet "YangNamja Show" back in February. Rap Monster said, "This is a song I really like. I wish NU'EST's "Hello" climbs back on the chart.". He also sang a line of "Hello" and caught our attention.

Right after the broadcast, thanks to BTS's support "Hello" made a remarkable achievement and climbed No. 1 on Melon's Real time chart, Korea's largest online music site.  Kim Jonghyun also shared his thoughts by posting "Thank you very, very much for liking our music" on his Instagram account.

And about 4 months later, "Hello" climbed back on the chart just like Rap Monster's dearest wish. As of 10am on 19th June, NU'EST's "Hello" is No. 11 on Melon's Real Time Chart.

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