[Article] 170620 [Exclusive] BTS' new project is "Love Yourself", they are scouting writer for a differentiated "storytelling"

"The phrase that supports people the best"

Producing in drama form for every member

Looking for writers and actors too

Combining originality and storytelling

Accelerating the growth of fandom by arousing sympathy of fans

Seven member group BTS who became the first KPOP idol to win the award at the US Billboard Awards unveiled their next project.

BTS is currently preparing for their next album with "Love yourself" as the title. They are planning to produce videos with drama like format that has a story for each member and release it in order to the public and communicate with them. Their company has recently recruited talented story writers and they are making contacts with various entertainment companies to find their partner actors. Officials from their company said, "It's true that we have recently recruited writers to prepare for BTS' new album. But we have not chosen any concrete concept."

When BTS' leader Rap Monster said their acceptance speech after winning "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards he shouted, "Love yourself". This phrase was intended to hint BTS' next move.

BTS began the transition period in the KPOP market that focused on dance, song, and concept by combining "storytelling". Right after their debut in 2013, they sang about the dreams and happiness of the teenagers with "school trilogy", and focused on the youths who graduated high school with their "HYYH" series in 2015. From 2016, they focused on the unstable youths by borrowing worldwide writer Hermann Hesse's growth novel, "Demian".

BTS who surpassed against other nominees like pop star Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, etc at the BBMA, rose as the superstar who rules over the world already. Their driving force is their ability to find their own path. They aren't a "planning idol" that is overwritten by the image given by their companies. The members have the ability to compose, write lyrics, and participate in album producing as well.  "Love yourself" interlocks with the next move of BTS who rose to the success rank after going through the wandering moments of youths.

A gayo official stated, "BTS has made us realize the importance of storytelling in KPOP market. They have crossed beyond the level of simply singing and dancing well. They communicate consistently with the public by winning sympathy."

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1. I'm really looking forward. BTS fighting +447 -25

2. BTS's story has been always good so... +402 -22

3.  BTS, I will support you guys until the end!! +355 -17

4. BTS! Please stay successful around the world! +325 -12

5. Daebakㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm so anticipating +286 -8

6. Looks like they're preparing something enormous... I'm looking forward to BTS who we trust listening to  +106 -1

7. Looking forward +100 -1

8. I wonder what album and story they'll have for us ㅠㅠ they are a boundless team ㅠㅠ +102 -2

9. This is why I like BTS and praise Bighit too. In the end, we get the message that their promotion direction continues to come from BTS and even the fans are continuously participating in their journey. "Love yourself" also begun from fans who replied "We love you" during Mon's stage with Mon replying back to the fans. I really like to see them producing concepts on their own. +93 -0

10. BTS didn't even finish their world tour yet ㅠㅠ I hope they will work on their album after a rest... but I can't help look forward to their next album ㅠ +107 -5

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