[Article] 170622 [32nd Anniversary Gayo Survey ①] "Power people - Lee Sooman, Producer Bang Sihyuk, KPOP best team - BTS, TWICE"

As at 2017 June, who could be the most influential people and team in the gayo industry?

To celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Sports Seoul, we opened a survey on the 8th til the 15th to research the "powerful people of gayo industry". A total of 32 people, a staff from 32 entertainment companies, participated in this survey.This is an official opinion shared by entertainment company CEOs, or staffs above chairman of the board. We asked each participant to fill the rankings of 1st to the 3rd place for each category and we informed them that each rank has its own score. Every No. 1 team for each category was given 3 points, No. 2 team received 2 points and No. 3 team received 1 point. The total point for each category is 192 points and the highest score a team can receive is 96 points.

Through the answers provided by workers in the same industry, we were able to apprehend the internal atmosphere and the flow of the gayo industry.

The most "powerful people" selected by the officials of gayo industry was SM Entertainment Lee Sooman producer. Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk who raised BTS as the best KPOP idol team was chosen as the best KPOP producer, and BTS and TWICE were proved as the hottest male and female KPOP teams at this time. 

G Dragon and IU were chosen s the best male and female solo singers, and the NCT from SM was mentioned as the best rising star KPOP group. Black Eyed Pilseung and Kim Inah were chosen as the best composer and lyricist.

#2. Who is the best KPOP producer?

<①Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk (48 points) ② JYP head producer, Park Jinyoung (45 points) ③SM head producer Lee Sooman (29 points) ④G Dragon, Teddy (above 9 points)> 

Bighit Entertainment CEO was credited for creating BTS who created worldwide KPOP sensation. As the CEO of a small company that lacks capital and brand power, he raised "dirt spoon idol" into the top national group in a short period of time. CEO Bang shook the market flow controlled by idol groups from major entertainment companies and he is chosen as the "role model" of many small gayo entertainment company producers.

#3. Best KPOP male team?

<①BTS (85points) ②EXO (60points) ③Big Bang(18points )④Seventeen (15points) ⑤WANNA·ONE(4points)>

The fact that BTS won the "Top Social Artist Award" at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards last May was a symbolic incident that proved they had built a powerful fandom not only in Korea but around the world and the group has outstanding expandability. As of now, no one disgreed on the fact that BTS is the best KPOP male team.

◆ List of participants for this survey (32 staffs from 32 companies)

YG CEO Yang Minseok, JYP president Jungwook, Star Empire CEO Shin Joohak, YMC CEO Cho Yoomyeung, TS CEO Kim Taesong, FNC president Cho Sunghwan, HOW CEO Lee Yonggul, Dream T CEO Lee Jongseok, nhemg CEO Kim Myunghoon, Santa Music CEO Lee Sangchul, Happy Face CEO Lee Joowon, YNB CEO Bang Yoondae, Cracker CEO Yoon Youngro, Double Kick CEO Lee Hyungjin, A Cube CEO Choi Jinho, WM CEO Lee Wonmin, Source Music CEO So Youngjin, Fantastic Music CEO Woo Youngseung, Brave CEO Brave Brothers, Widmay CEO Cho Seungyong, VIBE CEO Yoon Minsoo, Pledis vice president Kim Yeunsoo, Starship director Seo Hyunjoo, SM director Kim Seunah, Bighit director Chaeun, Kiwi Media group director Han Jungsoo, Jellyfish director Yoo Yeonwook, Woolim director Lee Youngjoon, Cube director Lee Jiwon, MBK director Park Kyuhyun, DSP director Kim Kyungmin, Mystic director of the headquarters Cho Baehyun.

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1. I think TWICE and BTS are definitely unclimbable +475 -42

2. I watch BTS and Twice with interest because they're the top trending male and female groups but when you watch them, you will realize why they are popular. They constantly upload various contents on V App and Youtube and that's certainly going to help them build a solid fandom. This eventually connects to economic power and brings more popularity. They're amazing +404 -31

3. BTS - TWICE... they are the one-top idols right now +377 -31

4. I really like BTS and TWICE a lot. I hope they succeed more!! +354 -31

5. BTS, TWICE let's last for a long time~ +136 -12

6. TWICE and BTS are leading overwhelmingly♡ let's continue this♡♡ and fans, let's stay in good terms~~ +115 -6

7. BTS and TWICE are my favorite male and female groups these days ㅠㅠ I really like IU too ;ㅅ; +131 -12

8. It feels like BTS and TWICE have solidified their position as the top male and female group +139 -15

9. wow this is amazing!! BTS is leading overwhelmingly and Bang PD-nim is amazing too. They were bashed during entertainment survey last year and I wonder what those antis think right now. Now BTS is really walking on the flower road only. TWICE is amazing too, congratulations! +140 -17

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